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What Caregivers Can Do For Seniors. . For $500 or Less

Care for parents as they age often requires safety updates to their home.

Seniors overwhelmingly want to stay in their own home. While caregivers might think that adapting their environment to safely accomplish that goal will be expensive, it can be done within a reasonable budget. When you care for a parent, remember that key areas include bedroom and bathroom safety. The following elderly care supplies are adaptive devices that caregivers can easily install and add to a senior’s home for a combined total of about $500. Prices are approximate and may vary by vendor.

  1. Raised toilet seats with arms that lock onto an existing toilet provide height and support to stand. Estimate: $90
  2. Hand-held shower nozzle slips directly over a tub faucet. Estimate: $24
  3. Floor to ceiling grab bar provides a full range of heights to hold onto while sitting or standing up. It can be installed by the bed, in the bathroom or by a favorite chair. Estimate: $150
  4. Lever doorknob turner adapters are extremely helpful elder care supplies and attach securely to a variety of round doorknobs to provide leverage for easy opening. Estimate: $22
  5. Lever handles attach to recliner chair handles to serve as an extension. Estimate: $22
  6. Among elder care supplies, various kitchen items are available including automatic openers that remove lids and open cans, jars and bottles. Estimate: $50
  7. Rubber ramps that are ADA compliant are often easy to install to most surfaces. Ramp stays in place by its sheer weight and can be moved from one opening to another. Estimate: $36
  8. Mobile stools are particularly useful to help seniors navigate a kitchen: Estimate: $100.

Chris Capobianco is President & Owner of Home Instead Senior Care located in Bergen County, New Jersey. His organization provides Companions and Home Health Aides to assist seniors to live safely and independently in their homes.