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Special Caregiving "Partners" Make Travel With Seniors Possible

Summertime travel can be more complicated when a senior’s needs must be met on the road. But family trips are definitely doable with the help of a visiting nurse service at your destination. For instance, if you’re planning a trip to New York that entails personal care needs beyond what a family member or hotel service can easily provide, Partners in Care, an affiliate of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, offers services that can be customized for a range of personal care needs so that all travelers can enjoy their visit. Personal care needs can be as varied as the activities available in New York from business and social to medical services. The following actual examples of people helped by Partners in Care can show you how every family circumstance can be addressed. Mother And Grandmother Of The Bride The mother of a bride was traveling to New York from the West Coast for her daughter’s wedding and wanted to bring her own mother to enjoy the celebration. She knew she couldn’t manage both event festivities and her mom, who was in her 80s. She called Partners in Care and arranged for a certified home health aide for 12 hours. The home health aide helped the grandmother bathe, dress, get ready and get into the car. The aide was also there to help her with picture taking, meals, to the bathroom and back to the hotel and ready for bed. Not only was this a more affordable option than paying air fare to bring along a local aide from the West Coast, it freed the mother of the bride to enjoy the important day. Business Traveler With A Physical Limitation A man with limited use of his arms and legs was traveling to New York from England for speaking engagements. He searched online for a service provider that could help him with daily assistance, such as bathing, dressing and general hygiene needs. He contacted Partners in Care, which helped get him to his speaking engagements fresh and ready to impress. Patient Recovery Care Assistance Many people come to New York for its top doctors, as was the case of a patient undergoing a voluntary outpatient procedure performed by a NYC surgeon. After the surgery, she had 72 hours before her follow-up visit. Rather than be alone in a hotel, she contacted Partners in Care and arranged for a health aide to stay with her. The aide escorted her from surgery back to the hotel, picked up prescriptions, got ice to help reduce swelling, helped her eat and made sure that she stayed hydrated until her visit back to the doctor. Foreign Tourists A quadriplegic in her 60s traveled with a friend from France to visit New York. Partners in Care provided personal care at the beginning and end of each day; during the day, the friend accompanied her around the city to their various activities. This gave both the woman and her friend piece of mind knowing she would be taken care of in a country that wasn’t familiar to either of them. A Stroke Rehab Patient On Vacation A gentleman in his 80s who had suffered a stroke and has somewhat limited mobility wanted to travel to NYC with his family from the Midwest. He was not able to go out all day with the family, as that was too much, but his family wanted him to join them for certain activities and have someone to keep him company at other times. Partners in Care provided companionship, reminded him to take his medication, made sure he ate and one night helped the family get him to and from the Metropolitan Opera. Partners in Care provided some care at the hotel, and the aide waited in the neighborhood of the Met until after the opera to help the family get him back and settled in his hotel room. Visiting Patient Care A woman in her late 60s came to New York from Florida to receive chemotherapy treatments. Her spouse accompanied her to the city for a few days, but was conducting business on two of those days. Partners in Care provided a home health aide to accompany her from the hotel to her treatment at the hospital, and the aide made sure she was settled and comfortable after her chemotherapy treatment until her spouse returned to the hotel. About Partners in Care. Since 1983, Partners in Care, a not-for-profit organization, has provided certified home health aides and private-duty nurses who are experienced, compassionate reliable, and highly attentive to the individuals in their care. They offers a range of services with trained aides or nurses, including personal care and companionship, ambulatory escort service, geriatric care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation therapy, Partners in Care is affiliated with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, the largest not-for-profit home health care organization in the country. Partners in Care serves all five boroughs of New York City, as well as Nassau, Westchester and Rockland Counties.