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The Parentgiving Rewards Points Program

Updated March 28, 2019

Get paid for your loyalty! Earn Rewards Points for each of your purchases - then redeem Points* for discounts, or even free products if you have enough Points.

Parentgiving currently offers more than 6,000 home care and medical supplies for seniors. Our mission is help make quality caregiving for the elderly easier. The Rewards Points Program helps us fulfill this mission by allowing you to lower your costs for frequently needed caregiving items.

With your Parentgiving online account, you can manage your account online, check your order status, view your order history, view your Rewards Points log, and more - all while you earn Reward Points on purchases. We have added an additional payment function to our shopping cart so that you will be able to quickly redeem your Rewards Points at checkout.

Your Rewards Points will expire 12 months after your last order was placed.

We here at Parentgiving want to thank you for your continued business. Learn more about our rewards program:

The Rewards Points Program is designed to reward our loyal customers. Being a member of our program gives you exclusive privileges and benefits including:

  1. Earn 2 Points for every dollar spent (some restrictions apply)
  2. Easily redeem previously awarded Points* at checkout for dollars off your order. 100 Points equals one Reward Dollar ($1 off your purchase).
  3. Obtain special bonus Points offers on selected promotional products
  4. View your Points log and current balance online

Terms & Conditions
Parentgiving, Inc. (Parentgiving) reserves the right to change these program Terms and Conditions at any time with no notice.

Program Launch Notice
Please note that the Parentgiving Points Program launched on May 30, 2012; there would be no Rewards Points associated with orders on or before this date.

Points Accrual
For each order, you earn 2 Rewards Points for the total of items purchased minus any of the following, if applicable: coupon discounts, rewards dollars applied, and/or gift certificate dollars applied. You cannot earn reward points for any charges related to shipping or sales tax. Please note that lift chairs, scooters, hospital beds and patient lifts are not eligible for reward points accrual.

*Points Redemption – Rewards Dollars
When redeeming Rewards Points, each point is worth 1/100 Reward Dollars. For example, one hundred (100) Points equals one (1) Reward Dollar, or one dollar off your purchase. Each order is subject to a minimum of three ($3) Rewards Dollars, a minimum of three hundred (300) Rewards Points. The maximum number of Reward Dollars that can be applied is the order total; you cannot redeem Points for more Rewards Dollars than the total that is due to complete payment for your order. You must have an active Parentgiving account in order to redeem points. Points may be redeemed on the initial Dry Direct order and 500 points ($5) may be also applied to subsequent subscription orders.

Program Cancellation
Parentgiving may cancel the Rewards Points Program, as well as any point balances, at any time by giving thirty (30) days prior notice by email. If the email is not received due to a spam blocker, a change of email address, a full mailbox or any other reason, Parentgiving will not be held responsible and will not be required to extend the notification time.

General Terms
In the event that a customer’s method of payment is declined, Points will not be earned. Points are not earned until the transaction is completed and paid in full.

Points accrued by customers are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any person or entity and cannot be transferred to any other account.

Credits posted to orders that acquired Rewards Points, including those arising from returned goods will also result in a debit to the Points accrued in your account.

Parentgiving reserves the right to decline any request to convert Reward Points for purchase at any time.

Points will not be applied unless you sign in to your user account during checkout so that we can associate your order with your account, or you call in to place your order and let the Customer Service Representative know that you have an account and give them the email address you used to establish the account.

If you do not have an account at the time you are placing your order, you may create one by signing up for an account during the online checkout, or by asking the Customer Service Rep to start one when placing your order over the phone. Failure to make sure your account is associated with your order in one of the manners described above may forfeit the Points to your account.

Fraud or abuse relating to the accrual of your Reward Points, or redemption of your Points, will result in forfeiture of your accrued Points and cancellation of your account.

Customers are encouraged to check this web page from time to time for the most current Terms and Conditions.