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Medical Cost Advocate

Your Expert Medical Cost
Reduction Partner
Now you can save time, money and eliminate frustration with your health care.
Medical Cost Advocate (MCA) can help you save time and money on health care. Are you getting squeezed by the cost of medical bills? MCA negotiators know how to get your bills reduced. Do you need support for your care giving responsibilities? A personal advocate can resolve issues more effectively. Use Parent Giving's recommended partner for cost savings and advocacy. See below.
Save 20-50% on your Medical Bills
MCA can reduce your medical bills before or after treatment through professional negotiation. Use MCA to save 20% to 50% on almost any medical or dental bills for you and those you care for. Sign up today and enter your next bill for risk free savings.
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Get help Navigating Health Care — Save Time / Money / Frustration
Do you lack time, experience or desire to manage today's health care challenges? MCA dedicated advocates help you realize greater value from health care through administrative support, bill review and advisory services. It's like having a "financial planner" for your family health care. Call (866)769-9707 for a free consultation.
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