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Posit Science

This company was started seven years ago in San Francisco and is based around the work of neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich. Posit's original software program, the Brain Fitness Program, was designed to help you think faster, think more clearly, and remember more. Posit says that their system will improve your brain's "hearing" ability, allowing you to take in more of what you hear and to improve the quality of that information.

Their InSight program is based on studies done on visual functions of the brain. By stimulating and sharpening these abilities you teach your eyes and your brain to see more and react faster. The newest addition is DriveSharp which helps drivers react more quickly. Posit says that this program has been proven to reduce crash risk by 50 percent. DriveSharp has been recommended by the American Automobile Association. The Brain Fitness Program and InSight each sell for $395. The DriveSharp program is $89.

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