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Picking Summer Travel Destinations Suited to Seniors’ Needs

Seniors travel for a variety of reasons, from attending reunions and family celebrations to seeking R&R or new experiences. Yet many don’t consider travel an option due to a compromised functioning ability or their spouse’s health. Picking the right destination suited to their needs can make travel both possible and enjoyable. The professionals at LivHOME have decades of experience helping seniors plan travel and pick places that offer rich, exciting experiences in an appropriate environment. We recommend taking into account factors that will promote a senior’s health, comfort and mobility when choosing a destination. These include wheelchair accessibility, ease and availability of local transportation, climatic conditions (consider hot or rainy weather, humidity and insects), sanitation, amenities and access to medical facilities. Some of the spots particularly well suited to seniors as well as their family members are:
  • The National Parks for their variety, beauty and broad accessibility governed by the U.S. Disabilities Act.
  • Washington DC, whose myriad educational, historical, political and cultural attractions are free to visitors and wheelchair-accessible.
  • Boston where a wheelchair-accessible public transportation system and special shared van service offering $2 door-to-door rides make dozens of historical landmarks easy to visit.
  • Cruises—comfortable, well-equipped, wheelchair-accessible and staffed with medical professionals, cruises offer travel to more exotic, often international destinations without the inconveniences or health concerns of a local stay.
  • Resorts—these are ideal for seniors with greater physical limitations who want to enjoy amenities and a change of scenery in a safe, comfortable setting.
In addition, the not-for-profit educational travel organization Road Scholar offers an outstanding selection of tours both in the US and around the world, with a focus on learning for participants over the age of 50; to learn more, go to While nothing is worse than a bad travel experience due to poor destination planning, a trip thoughtfully matched with a senior’s travel needs can bring the unrivaled benefits of renewed vitality, confidence and joy.