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The Ultimate Drug Discount Card - Now Available at Parentgiving

February 15, 2013

Prescription Drug Card
Last year, and partnered up to save more people money on medications. According to NeedyMed’s Director of Outreach, Elizabeth Messenger, their President, “Dr. Richard Sagall wanted to start a website where people could find resources to afford the costs of healthcare,” so NeedyMeds was born and has been helping people to do just that for the last 15 years. “No one should ever have to pay full price on a medication.” She also added, “We’ve heard the card helps many elderly people get through the Medicare Part D Donut Hole, when they have no coverage.”

The NeedyMeds card saves people an average of 5-6M a year. It can save up to 80% on prescriptions and can also be used for OTC meds that are written as a prescription. It cannot be used in conjunction with insurance, so it’s perfect for those who are uninsured or underinsured. Even with insurance, some medications just aren’t covered, this card will save money across the board.

NeedyMeds is a national non-profit that has information on 1,000’s of programs and over 10,000 free or low cost clinics. All of the information is free and available on their website. TreatmentDiaries is an invaluable resource for caregivers and patients alike to anonymously vent, share, support each other and find new ways of coping. Their co-branding of this Rx card is synonymous with the perfect pairing of fine wine and cheesebut even better for your health!

And now this wonderful card is available on as well! We’re pleased to offer this resource for free to our friends and customers. There is no activation, no fees; just print and useall major chains accept it, that’s over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide. Plus, it’s even good for pet meds, just ask your vet for a prescription and you’re set!

Share this card with everyone you know; it never expires and no personal info is recorded. Because the card was developed by a non-profit, they pass the savings along to the users, and since it’s free, it can only save you money!