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The Silver Alert System For Missing Seniors: One Step Closer To National

November 2, 2009
The last push to make the Silver Alert system available nationally is being spearheaded by United States Senator Charles Schumer of New York. Like the Amber Alert system that is activated for a missing child, the Silver Alert is used when someone—typically a senior citizen—with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or another impairment goes missing. Eleven states have already created their own Silver Alert system, and a bill for a national rollout has already passed the US House of Representatives. The National Silver Alert Act sponsored by the Senator would create a federal program offering coordination and assistance through the Department of Justice to local and state law enforcement to locate missing citizens across the country. Schumer said that a nationwide alert network is critical because missing adults can cross state and county lines. Once passed, money would be earmarked to help the rest of the states establish their Silver Alert programs. In the interim, Florida’s National Silver Alert has launched a free online registration program for all senior citizens and individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive disorders. You or a loved one can register and get additional information at