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That’s Why They Call It The Sandwich Generation…Literally

July 30, 2009
MealpayPlus, the leading online prepayment system in the K-12 education market that lets parents pay for their kids’ school meals electronically, is now expanding into the senior living market. For those in the sandwich generation simultaneously balancing expenses for their kids who buy lunch in school and for their parents who live in a planned community, this could certainly make recordkeeping easier. Availability of the online pay service to senior communities will allow online payment for all community-related expenses. The system will also provide transparency of accounts for residents and their families with what the company calls near real-time payment purchase history. Communities that implement MealpayPlus can eliminate much of the credit card charging and cash handling inside the facility, which minimizes the associated risks, increases point-of-service line speeds and allows residents to see exactly what they purchased within a given timeframe. Said Tina Bennett, Director of MealpayPlus at Horizon Software, the parent company, “We believe the MealpayPlus system will not only benefit community residents, but also the faculty and residents’ family members.”