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Seniors Surfing In Record Numbers…Online

December 1, 2009
According to a report in Canada’s Toronto Star by journalist Susan Pigg, seniors represent the fastest growing demographic going online, with more than half of all seniors predicted to be surfing the web within a year. Their quest to be computer literate is changing the face of nursing homes that are scrambling to get connected and opening new avenues for young entrepreneurs starting service-oriented businesses to tutor these net-hungry elders. By using free services like Skype, seniors are able to connect with loved ones hundreds or thousands of miles away, experiences that can have even more profound effects on their quality of life than the brain-game videos that challenge their minds. Proving that no one is ever too old to adopt new technology, one of the seniors profiled in the article first went online at the age of 87. Today, three years later, she is ever more proficient and happily communicating through email.