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Newton’s Theory Of Connectivity

July 13, 2009

The call for the development of aging-in-place communities is a popular one—wonderful plans that will include walk-able areas and public transportation enabling seniors to attend to their daily needs and live well alongside other generations. But aging-in-place can also happen in existing communities. Inspired by the original aging-in-place section of Boston called Beacon Hill, surrounding towns have set the wheels in motion to make adaptations that foster aging-in-place. The prevailing philosophy is simple: Why move when accommodations can be made to one’s current neighborhood? The suburb of Newton is the latest to start organizing around this vision: “Our mission is to enable Newton residents to age at home comfortably, safely, independently, and with peace of mind through a membership-based organization that offers access to comprehensive practical services and fosters social support and a sense of community.” To learn how your community might follow Newton’s lead, watch its progress @