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Home Monitoring Services Expand as an Option for Home Care

December 18, 2012

When Howard, a 90-year-old from Walnut Creek, CA, checks his blood pressure or oxygen level, the data are immediately transmitted directly from monitors on his arm and finger to his geriatric care manager. His weight is also sent from a Bluetooth-enabled scale. Because Howard has congestive heart failure and lung disease, the ability to monitor this data is crucial. Yet, it can be done with ease in the comfort of his own home. And when he wants to view new photos of family and friends or even listen to his favorite jazz, all Howard has to do is touch a button on the same, simple device that connects him with his care manager.

Howard is one of the first seniors in the nation to use LivHOME CareMonitor™, a web-based, touch-screen service powered by GrandCare Systems that lets Howard’s professional care manager, Francesca Wood, monitor his health and safety remotely—a cost saving alternative to traditional in-person home care.

“With LivHOME CareMonitor, I know that Francesca is aware of my health and vital signs at any time of the day, while I retain my independence and privacy. It also lets me stay connected with my family and friends at the touch of a button,” says Howard.

The remote care service provided by LivHOME, Inc., one of the nation’s largest providers of professionally led at-home care for seniors, was first announced in March and is now rolling out nationwide where LivHOME services are offered. It is currently available in Los Angeles, Walnut Creek and Riverside, California with additional markets opening from now into 2013. LivHOME care managers can monitor their clients using the web-based service and are alerted immediately if any problems arise. The system can track medication schedules, movements around the house and biometric readings such as blood pressure, glucose, blood oxygen and body weight.

“LivHOME CareMonitor represents an entirely new approach to caregiving, enabling us to monitor the health and safety of our clients, but without the intrusiveness or cost of hands-on care. This provides greater independence and privacy, while significantly reducing the cost of care. It also extends our caregiving services to a whole new demographic of seniors, those who would benefit from some assistance to remain independent in their home, but don’t require a full-time caregiver,” said Mike Nicholson, LivHOME CEO. “In 1999, LivHOME was one of the first companies to place caregiver supervision under a professional care manager’s responsibility. In 2012, LivHOME is a pioneer once more, placing remote home care technology oversight under a Care Manager’s responsibility.”

Features of the LivHOME CareMonitor service include professional care manager assessment; installation and setup of the system; touch-screen computer; a personal emergency response system; 24/7 alert monitoring and care manager availability; medication, appointment and social reminders; Skype connectivity, photos, messages and music; motion and pressure sensors and door monitors; biometric measurements including weight, glucose, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitors—in short, a technology advance that make huge strides in senior care.

To find out more about LivHOME CareMonitor, contact Mickey Goldkorn at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or visit the LivHOME CareMonitor website at