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Holiday Precautions Include Stroke Prevention

December 3, 2009
According to a study by Mental Health America, the most common stressors during the holidays are money woes, memories of lost loved ones and participating in too many activities. During the holidays, many Americans abandon their normal lifestyle habits by overcommitting, overeating or abusing alcohol or drugs. The Health Matters at Work program of Community Health Charities is debuting a special video podcast series on Healthy Lifestyles that features the Chief Executive Officers of Mental Health America, David Shern, PhD, and the National Stroke Association, James Baranski. Together, they provide information to help people better understand the warning signs and prevention measures to take to address depression, stress or stroke. The first episode of this 2-part series is now available at; the second episode, available starting December 16, features a personal interview with Mr. Baranski, who provides additional information and insight on stroke. According to Dr. Shern, "Mental health is fundamental to good health. There is no meaningful separation between the mind and the body. The things that provoke stress, and ultimately can provoke anxiety disorders or depression, are many of the same things that also cause increased risk for cardiovascular disease and many other conditions."   "Stroke is this nation's third leading cause of death, yet the public is dangerously uninformed about their risk factors of stroke. Up to 80 percent of strokes could be prevented by understanding the risk factors, like high blood pressure or smoking, then working to address them with lifestyle or medical changes one at a time with the help of your doctor," added Mr. Baranski.