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Fast Tracking Mobility For Seniors

December 11, 2009
According to a report in the London Telegraph, British scientists led by Dr. Eric Goodyer from De Montfort University in Leicester and Dr. Amr Ahmed of the University of Lincoln, are in the process of designing a tracking device that can be embedded in a mobility scooter. Using mobile phone technology, the scooter’s location can be pinpointed, should its driver get lost or disoriented away from home. The researchers see this as a natural extension of the same telecare services currently available inside a senior’s home and may be made to shift seamlessly as the senior goes outside and then returns home. Said Dr. Goodyer, "We do not want people's homes to become prisons. We want to extend home-based telecare into mobile telecare devices so support can still be available when older people go out of the house and they can continue living normal lives in the community." Dr. Ahmed sees this as a way to increase the elderly’s sense of freedom, reduce the social isolation that comes from being home bound and, above all, maintain an independent lifestyle without the worry of becoming lost away from home.