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Coming Soon: AARP and RLTV present Boomers 2.0: A Generation Re-Imagined

January 29, 2013

At 9pm Eastern time on January 31st and again at 8pm Eastern on February 7th (2013), AARP and RLTV team up to bring us the new documentary, Boomers 2.0: A Generation Re-Imagined. From tuning in and dropping out to controlling 75% of the nation’s wealth, Boomers aims to explore “the tremendous impact this demographic has on society, and looks forward to how boomers are changing the rules and reinventing the face of aging.”

The program will be hosted by former Today Show host / Dateline anchor, Jane Pauley, and will feature AARP Foundation president Jo Ann Jenkins, MIT AgeLab’s Joe Coughlin and BoomAgers founder Peter Hubbell among others. Special focus will be paid to technological advancements, health care, retirement, staying fit and promises, “fascinating insights that we have acquired about the future of the boomer generation,” says RLTV President and CEO Paul FitzPatrick, “which will continue to be as relevant and vibrant as ever for the next 30 years.”

The documentary’s second airing on February 7th will be immediately followed by Rethink 50+ Town Hall. Pauley will be moderating the discussion with thought leaders and industry experts, “who explore the changing landscape of media and marketing as it relates to the generation that literally grew up along with the television industry.”

The youngest of the Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) turn 50 in 2014, the eldest turning 67, and their influence on our past, current and future culture is indisputable. For the RLTV listing and to watch a Boomers 2.0 teaser, click here.