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Celebrate With The Oldest Man In The World

August 12, 2010

As a special birthday celebration, Walter Breuning, the oldest man in the world at the age of 113 and a resident of The Rainbow Senior Living in Great Falls, Montana, is answering questions in August on anything you want to ask!  “Walter is a wonderful man, and given his celebrity status we get a lot of requests to meet Walter. By setting up an Ask Walter page we thought it would be a fun way for Walter to share his thoughts with others,” said Tina Bundtrock, executive director of The Rainbow. “He loves people and has an incredible perspective on life not shared by many others.”

About Walter: Walter was born in Melrose, Minnesota on September 21, 1896 to John Breuning and Cora Morehouse Breuning. In 1901, the family moved to De Smet, South Dakota where Walter attended school until 1910. His first job was scraping bakery pans for $2.50 a week. His real career began in 1913 when he joined the Great Northern Railway—he stayed with the railroad for 50 years. When WWI came around he signed up, but was never called up; by WWII he was too old to serve. In 1922 he married the love of his life Agnes and remained married until her passing in 1957. Walter has lived at the Rainbow Retirement and Assisted Living Center for the last 30 years. Always dressed in a suit and tie each day, he is in excellent health, attributing his long life to eating well and keeping physically and mentally active. He takes just one aspirin a day and is quite the conversationalist with a sharp mind and accurate memory. Walter's motto: "If you keep your mind busy and keep your body busy, you're going to be around a long time."

Need some ideas as to what to ask? Start with:
• Ask Walter about his grandfather's experience in the American Civil War
• What he was doing the day McKinley was shot
• What was it like working on the railroad
• What does he think of the internet

To ask Walter a question, simply visit and click on the Ask Walter button. You can also connect with Walter on his Facebook page at