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Brain Training On The Go

April 5, 2010

Seniors in California and Arizona have a new way to train the brain, thanks to the introduction of the Vital brain gym from HAPPYneuron, Inc., now onboard SCAN Health Plan’s SCAN Van, the innovative mobile resource center built specifically for seniors and caregivers. Based on scientifically developed, entertaining games targeting brain fitness, the HAPPYneuron Vital brain gym adds engaging, health-focused fun to the SCAN Van’s educational resources and other senior-focused onboard activities. The brain gym consists of more than 20 brain training games, each scientifically designed to target one or more of the 5 major cognitive functions of memory, language, attention, visual spatial skills and executive function. It’s specially designed with seniors in mind, including large buttons for visual ease, easier games, no time pressure and other hits and tips to encourage the game play activity. Delivered through the SCAN Van’s wifi network to the onboard computers, the brain gym offers seniors the opportunity to educate themselves about the importance of brain stimulation in maintaining a vital and healthy brain with age. Seniors can take advantage of the Vital brain gym and the rest of the SCAN Van’s resources at no cost. “The Vital brain gym is engaging, educational and entertaining–a perfect addition to the SCAN Van,” said Sherry Stanislaw, vice president of operations at SCAN. “Specifically targeted at promoting the mental health of the senior community, HAPPYneuron is helping us deliver important health resources directly to seniors within their communities.” The new SCAN Van offers easily accessible aging and health resources (in hard copy and online) to seniors interested in learning more about themselves and community services. Community experts onboard provide guidance and assistance and teach classes, often leveraging a 52-inch exterior LCD monitor and audio system for presentations to larger groups. “SCAN is making a positive impact on the lives of seniors and caregivers, a goal we share at HAPPYneuron,” said HAPPYneuron CEO Laura Fay. “With the SCAN Van, we can get our brain fitness platform on the road and share the educational experience with seniors in the communities that SCAN Health Plan serves.” HAPPYneuron was co-founded by acclaimed neurologist Bernard Croisile, MD, PhD and is dedicated to improving cognitive health through evidence based products for individuals and cognitive therapy professionals worldwide. For more than 30 years, SCAN Health Plan has been focusing on the unique needs of people with Medicare and today is the fourth-largest nonprofit Medicare Advantage Plan in the United States. The company currently serves 110,000 members in California and Arizona.