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Brain Gain

July 2, 2009

Seniors are sharpening their recall and other mental processes at The Brain Emporium, a community center located in the Fairhill Partners complex in Cleveland, Ohio. The program is the brainchild of Case Western Reserve University associate professor of psychology T.J. McCallum who first envisioned such an exercise center three years ago. With funding from the university, doors opened this spring. McCallum and graduate students will custom design a regimen of computer games and programs for each individual’s needs and wants. The Brain Emporium’s computerized programs are designed to engage and stimulate different areas of cognition, including memory, visual-spatial abilities, mental flexibility, processing speed, language and planning. The facility also encourages older adults to engage in physical movement, thereby building coordination and agility, while playing virtual tennis, bowling, or darts on a Nintendo Wii. Editor’s note: A full article on the center and its participants will post next week in the Quality of Life Learning Center.