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As Seniors Consider Rejoining The Workforce A New Brochure Can Help

July 20, 2010

With unemployment rates for older workers at record levels and older adults struggling to return to the workforce, Eldercare Locator and Senior Service America Inc. have developed a brochure, “Employment Options: Tips for Older Job Seekers,” that can help. Although the economy is showing signs of recovery, the unemployment numbers in America are at record levels, and the situation is especially troubling for the older adult population. More than 2.1 million people aged 55 and over were unemployed in May 2010, and studies show that entering or reentering the workforce at later ages is more difficult than at younger ages. The average duration of unemployment for jobseekers 55 and over was little changed from January 2010 at 35.6 weeks, but substantially higher than the 28.3 weeks for unemployed people under age 55.

To assist older job seekers—many of whom are attempting to return to the workforce for the first time in many years—the Eldercare Locator and Senior Service America, Inc. developed their new brochure with tips and information geared toward the older worker who has not searched for a job in many years and is looking for tips on how to use new technologies, find job leads, write a resume, interview and identify other useful employment resources. “Entering or re-entering the workforce at later ages can be more difficult than at younger ages. The tips for older job seekers in this new brochure can provide older adults with the information and confidence they need to pursue new employment opportunities,” said Kathy Greenlee, Assistant Secretary for Aging, US Administration on Aging.

“Older workers bring experience and a sense of leadership that is critical for every work environment,” said Assistant Secretary of Employment and Training Administration, Jane Oates. “This brochure will help break down barriers for a population that deserves a fair chance to continue to bring value to the workplace.”

“Employment Options: Tips for the Older Job Seeker,” available through the Eldercare Locator Resource Center (, offers advice on various stages of the job seeking process, including:

  • How skills and experiences can be applied to a particular job
  • How to identify job leads when many positions are not advertised
  • Specific resume and application tips
  • Interview tips
  • How to find and take advantage of community and online resources

“As daunting as the job search process seems, many people over the age of 55 have something younger workers do not have: experience,” said Sandy Markwood, CEO of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a). “The tools the brochure provides were developed to help older adults take advantage of that experience during the job seeking process. Even if an older adult has not applied for a job in many years, this guide provides a framework to increase the odds of finding employment.”

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About Senior Service America, Inc. (SSAI)
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