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National Nutrition Month Turns 40, Feels Better Than Ever

March 2013 is the 40th birthday of National Nutrition Month, and boy is it looking fabulous! This year's theme of "Eat Right Your Way Every Day" is full of empowerment and positivity. No admonishment or no-no's in sight.

This year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has turned their focus to embrace individual food preferences, which include cultural and ethnic choices, so that we can all continue enjoying the things that literally make us tick, but in an informed and healthy way that also incorporates a boost in physical activity habits. Feel like leading others to the healthful light? The month's home site provides community toolkits, food label and snack tip sheets, nutritional information on diets that help fight disease, plus a slew of fun interactive quizzes and games that all can be found here.

Bloggers: spread the word! Get the widget from the above link, blog about what National Nutrition Month and this year's theme mean to you and have your post added to the 2013 National Nutrition Month Blogroll. Spreading awareness helps save lives, get's you a worthwhile linkback and is another way to keep yourself healthy in the longrun: the more we inform, the more we know and remember the lessons we seek to share.

Is there a senior in your life who could benefit from the positive message that they can eat their way (well, oft times to a degree…) every day and still stay healthy? Just taking the time to sit down and have the conversation is a beautiful leap toward elder wellness.