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Protect Your Skin

Depending on your outlook, you may be determined to fight away every wrinkle or belong to the camp that wears them happily as a sign of a life long lived. Regardless of your philosophy, your skin still needs the right care. Sun protection is a given—you’re never too old to guard against skin cancer by wearing SPF 15 or higher products anytime you step outdoors. You should have a full body check yearly to see if any of those sun spots are actually precancerous. What’s more, there are other safeguards to take where skin is concerned. Proper cleansing is important, usually with mild products designed for drier skin. Choose additional skin care aids designed for any conditions you might have. Some skin products are made for those who need extra care, like people with diabetes. If you have incontinence, washes and barrier creams can better protect the integrity of your skin against chaffing and rashes. The key message is: don’t take your body’s gift wrap for granted. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be shy about asking your health care provider.