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Choosing the Right Incontinence Product

Each individual is different. Regardless of whether someone has light or heavy incontinence, he or she should have access to high quality products to manage their condition. Parentgiving offers the following guidelines to help you select the incontinence product.

Disposable Incontinence Product Types

Adult briefs Can be worn by people who:
  • Are bedridden
  • Are difficult to turn or position
  • Can be aggressive or combative
  • Have frequent, loose or watery stools
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Adult Diapers & Briefs
Two-piece pant with liner Are appropriate for people who:
  • Can walk
  • Only need one person to assist them
  • Can wear underwear or self-toilet
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Incontinence pad with liner
Adult protective disposable underwear Can be used by those people who are:
  • Incontinent but active
  • Restless or disoriented
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Adult disposable underwear
Bladder control pads Can be used by those people who:
  • Have light to moderate urinary incontinence
  • Have the ability to change the pads themselves
(The pads have an adhesive strip to hold them in place in the underwear) Helpful Links
Belted undergarments Appropriate for people who:
  • Have moderate incontinence
Held in place with an elastic belt and buttons Helpful Links
Belted incontinence pads
  • Are used to protect the bed and furniture when an individual is incontinent
  • Can be used alone or with incontinence garments
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Waterproof underpads for beds & furniture
  • Are used to protect a standard or air-support therapy mattress when an individual is incontinent
  • Pull moisture away from the individual's skin after an episode of incontinence
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DryPads for Mattress Protection
Incontinence Accessories Incontinence Accessories