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Best Overnight Adult Diapers and Pull-on Underwear for Adults

What is an Overnight Adult Diaper?

Overnight diapers are used to contain incontinence during long periods of time when bathrooms are inaccessible, but the most common use of overnight adult diapers is at nighttime. Finding the correct diaper and size are crucial aspects of ensuring that your loved one will stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. Overnight diapers specifically are designed to hold multiple bouts of incontinence throughout for long periods of time for optimal dryness and comfort. These types of diapers are typically more expensive than other diapers, but the cost comes with the benefits of leg guards to prevent leakage, odor control and external wetness indicators. While they are more beneficial to the user, they are less discrete due to the bulkiness of the material to hold in leakage. Therefore, they are most commonly used for nighttime protection.

There are different sizes, brands and price points when it comes to choosing the right overnight adult diaper. Every individual is unique and has their own personal needs to best serve them, and this should be taken into consideration when researching adult diapers. Consider the level of incontinence and their size for the proper brand and fitting.

What are the different types of overnight adult diapers?

Overnight adult diapers are not one size fits all. There are available in different styles, such as diapers with tabs, or even simple pull ups. They vary in shape and size, as well as capabilities. The needs of your loved one will be what determines what overnight adult diaper will best suits them. Taking the time to find the right product for them as this will save plenty of time and stress for not only you, but for them as well. The proper adult diaper can make a difference in having a good night’s rest.

Pull ups are typically used when there is light to moderate incontinence, and they are more discrete as they are more lightweight. Tabs are for heavier incontinence, as well as bowel incontinence. They are typically used for those who may also require larger sizes. Whatever style is best suited for your loved one, they are sure to provide protection and comfort overnight and for extended periods of time without access to a restroom. This allows them to relax worry free and remain dry and comfortable throughout the night.

How to choose the right overnight adult diaper

When beginning to investigate using overnight adult diapers, it may feel overwhelming when looking at all the options available. This does not have to be the case. There are topics to consider, such as their skin sensitivity, what their incontinence flow looks like, what absorbency they will need, and the size. Take the guesswork out of the size by measuring them to ensure that any brand you choose, they will be dry and comfortable. Thankfully, overnight adult diapers will also come with sizing charts that will assist you in finding the proper size for your loved one. Simply take their personal measurements and compare it to the chart on the package.

Tips for measuring to get the best fit

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to finding the right adult diaper. Many think that sizing up is better as there is more surface area to catch incontinence, but this is not the case. This allows for leakage to occur if it is not snug around the legs and waist and will easily cause leakage outside of the diaper. If there is concern that the heaviest of diapers will not hold incontinence, a booster pad may be put at the bottom of the diaper to increase the absorbency while still maintaining a snug fit. Another common misconception for utilizing adult diapers is that doubling up will assist with preventing leakage. This can cause more leakage to occur, so as previously stated, it is best to simply use a booster pad if this is a concern.

Finding the right size is important to prevent skin irritation as well as hold in voids. To do this, you will measure yourself or loved one either standing up or sitting down. First, measure around the belly button and record this number. Then, measure the fullest part of the hips with the heels together. Take whichever number is highest, and this will be help in determining the correct product size. Keep in mind each brand has their own sizing, but if you have the measurements that fit to the individual, there will be no problem in determining their correct size needed in whatever brand works best for them. Remember, the correct size will prevent leakage.

Our most popular overnight adult diapers:

Top Sellers - Featured Overnight Adult Diapers

  1. Tranquility Premium Overnight Pull-Up Underwear- This type of diaper is perfect for someone who can care for themselves and only have moderate bouts of incontinence. Tranquility premium can contain both bowel and urinary incontinence to ensure a restful night. They fit high rise and are soft and comfortable, while still being durable. A great feature of the Tranquility Premium Overnights is the Peach Mat Core. This locks away moisture and acts as a barrier between the skin to maintain dryness throughout the night. This protective underwear is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it is latex free and hypoallergenic.
  2. Prevail AIR Overnight Stretchable Adult Diapers with Tabs- This type of diaper has features that assist in maintaining normal skin temperature as well as moisture at the surface of the skin. Breathability is 100% as it is made from a breathable material that allows air, heat and humidity to leave, but contains moisture within. Prevail AIR Overnight Stretchable Adult Diapers has Drift technology that combines cotton fibers to lock in moisture to keep the skin dry. This type of diaper is better suited for individuals with a heavier flow of incontinence, and that require the assistance of a caregiver.
  3. Attends Premier Adult Diapers with Tabs, Overnight- What’s great about this high rise, full body fit is that it channels moisture into the core and turns into a gel to maintain a dry and clean feeling. There are leak guards at the legs that softly close around the leg openings to seal the incontinence inside to prevent leakage. Attends Premier have an 8- hour odor guard that is strong enough to last all night long for a restful night. This is a great product for those with heavier incontinence and require a caregiver.
  4. TENA Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear, Overnight Absorbency- This fully breathable technology assists in balancing the skins natural moisture throughout the whole diaper. This “W” shaped high absorbency zone is specifically designed to mesh with the curves of the body for a perfect fit that guides incontinence away from the skin. The TENA Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear is ideal for those with some mobility and balance, that can care for themselves, and are looking for an option that has more of the look and feel akin to normal underwear.
  5. TENA Super Incontinence Adult Diapers, Maximum Absorbency- This diaper helps promote better skin health by keeping skin dry and comfortable with 100% breathable sides. Their InstaDr Sin-Caring System rapidly moves away moisture from the skin and uses odor control technology to assist in keeping the skin dry and reducing odor. There is also a wetness indicator to show when it needs to be changed. This indicator is a strip on the outside that is yellow but turns blue when it becomes wet. This diaper is a good option for those who has caregivers that assist them in changes and have high incontinence.

New Products

Dry Direct Ultimate Protective Underwear- This is the highest rated and most absorbent underwear style. These briefs can be worn upwards of 10 hours and is great for overnight use. Not only is the Dry Direct Ultimate Protective Underwear leak proof, but it is also soft and comfortable for the user.

Dry Direct Super Overnight Underwear- The Dry Direct Super Overnights are great for both daytime and nighttime use. These briefs can hold over 4 cups of incontinence and will lock this away from the most sensitive of skins. They are arguable softer and more comfortable than others in the market and made 100% in Italy.

Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear- This brief is the result of years of research and testing to create the most effective adult incontinence underwear. Dry Direct Ultimate Underwear has three times the absorbency of any briefs found in markets. This underwear is perfect for a great night’s sleep without the discomfort of wetness.

Whichever brand you choose, overnight diapers are a great option in keeping your loved one safe and comfortable at night. The perfect fit will ensure that they will stay dry and cozy for the length of the night without worries of soaking through.

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