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MoliCare® Incontinence Supplies, The Thick and the Thin Of It

Molicare Super Plus Overnight Adult Diaper

According to the Hartmann USA website, parent corporation of MoliCare products, modernizations in incontinence supplies mean that thicker adult diapers and pads don’t necessarily mean better protection, “People with bladder weakness often think that the thicker the material, the better and choose thick cellulose-based incontinence products.They naturally assign the voluminous products a high absorption capacity. This is misleading...”

Super absorbent polymer (SAP) is capable of absorbing 50 times its liquid weight and is the secret ingredient in ultra absorbent, yet thinner and more discrete, products for those with the symptoms of incontinence. So really it’s the materials used that makes more of a difference than the thickness. MoliCare uses a three part absorbent core utilizing SAP for maximum dryness, skin protection, and discretion, even in a heavy duty product like the popular MoliCare Super Plus Overnight Adult Diaper. They have “super plus” absorbing powers, but no “super sized” bulkiness.