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Depend for Men Guards

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Depend for Men Guards grant discreet freedom of movement for men who have symptoms of light to moderate incontinence/loss of bladder control. Because they’re cup shaped and go right inside your regular, close-fitting underwear—attaching via two secure adhesive strips—they stay in place exactly in the position they need to be for maximum absorbency and comfort, without bulkiness or making noise while you walk.

The absorbent core’s blue layer means worry-free odor control protection, plus the soft liner and breathable outer cover offer superior comfort. Each guard is singularly wrapped in a cloth-like pouch for added discretion. Also, if you need to add extra protection to an existing incontinence product, these Depend guards can also be placed within an adult diaper for added protection.

One more reason Depend for Men Guards work so well: They’re wider at the top with a contoured design made especially to fit the male form. Twelve inches long and available by packs of 52 or cases of 104, having a guard in place allows you to go about daily activities without worry and with dry, comfortable skin.