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Having incontinence doesn’t always mean needing adult diapers, and for men on the go, Depend for Men Guards are a great alternative. If loss of bladder control is light to moderate, placing one of these guards in your regular briefs is likely all the daytime protection you’ll need for hours upon hours! Two adhesive strips keep each guard in place and an absorbent core locks in fluids to keep your skin and underwear dry, as well as free from odor.

Depend for Men Guards were designed with the particulars of the male physique in full consideration. They’re contoured for a man’s body with a wider front end that tapers down slightly along its 12” length into a comfortable, discreet fit. In addition, Depend’s has made comfort a top priority by providing the guards with a breathable outer cover to reduce heat against this sensitive area of skin and soft elastic sides for an added leakage barrier, which also equals added peace of mind.

Living with incontinence is just that: living! Don’t let this symptom run your life; take control and stay on the go with confidence. Depend guards are not visible through clothing, keep liquid and smells from becoming apparent and are designed to move freely with the male form. Not to mention that each guard is individually wrapped, meaning that you can discreetly stick a few in a zippered pocket of your gym bag, man bag or briefcase for whenever you need them, then use the wrapper from the new guard to dispose of the old guard without being obvious or embarrassed.

One last plus: you’re not going to run out. Depend for Men Guards come in big packs of 52 or even bigger cases of 104, plus, they are available for autodelivery via DryDirect, a discrete delivery service of that gets the incontinence products you need right to your doorstep and on your own personalized and ever customizable schedule. Other added DryDirect perks? Deeper discounts on our already low prices and perpetual free shipping.