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Wound Dressings

FreeshipWound dressing with highly absorbent layer of cotton/rayon fleece in either a soft & conformable non-woven or gauze fabric.

MedFix Retention Dressing Tapes

Water resistant retention tape in multiple sizes.


Kendall Hydrophilic Antimicrobal Foam Dressing

Foam dressing with antimicrobial features, also pr...


ABD Combine Pad Sterile

Available in 8in. x 10in 24/tray | 5in. x 9in....


Curad Cloth Silk Adhesive Tape

Smooth, strong silk tape designed for affixing wou...


Kendall Curex Stretch Bandage

Non-sterile, strech bandages for securing dressing...


Oil Emulsion Dressing

Specialized wound dressing impregnated with emulsi...


Kendall™ COPA™ Hydrophilic Foam Dressing

Foam dressing with hydrophilic cushioning. Availab...


CURAD Mediplast Wart Pads by Medline

CURAD® MediPlast is an ideal product for corns, c...


Coverlet® Adhesive Dressing

Box/100 | Available in .75in. x 3in. strips or 1in...


Seal Tight Shower Patch - Pk/5

Keeps wound dressings clean and dry. Pack of 5.


Sterile Multi-Trauma Abdominal Pads

Sterile abdominal pads for multi-trauma use.


Sterile Matrix Elastic Bandages

Sterile elastic bandages made from a polyester/cot...


Sterile Bulkee Super Fluff Sponge

Sterile Bulkee Super Fluff Sponge . Sterile. Packs...


Medigrip Tubular Bandages

Tubular bandages in various sizes by Medline.


Skin-Prep Protective Dressing Spray

Protective dressing that helps to increase the adh...


Dermagran®-B Hydrophilic Wound Dressing

Dermagran® impregnated gauze dressing provides a ...


Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Double Wrapped

Double-wrapped Xeroform gauze for wound dressings....


was $8.74

Xeroform™ Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Rolls

Rolls of Xeroform gauze for wound dressings. Steri...


was $16.24

Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Patches

Patches of Xeroform gauze for wound dressings. 3 S...


was $8.74

TELFA® Ouchless Non-Adherent Dressings - Non-Adhesive

Non-stick wound dressing pads. Ideal for lightly d...


KERLIX™ Gauze Bandage Rolls - Sterile

Sterile, 6-ply, 100% cotton gauze roll. Sizes avai...


Curity™ Cover Sponges

Curity brand sterile & non-sterile cover sponges. ...


was $9.40