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Wound Dressings

FreeshipWound dressing with highly absorbent layer of cotton/rayon fleece in either a soft & conformable non-woven or gauze fabric.

MedFix Retention Dressing Tapes

Water resistant retention tape in multiple sizes.


CURAD Mediplast Wart Pads by Medline

CURAD® MediPlast is an ideal product for corns, c...


Kendall Hydrophilic Antimicrobal Foam Dressing

Foam dressing with antimicrobial features, also pr...


Excilon® Drain and IV Sponges

Wound care sponges with a polyester/rayon blend sp...


ABD Combine Pad Sterile

Available in 8in. x 10in 24/tray | 5in. x 9in....


Curad Cloth Silk Adhesive Tape

Smooth, strong silk tape designed for affixing wou...


Kendall Curex Stretch Bandage

Non-sterile, strech bandages for securing dressing...


Oil Emulsion Dressing

Specialized wound dressing impregnated with emulsi...


Kendall™ COPA™ Hydrophilic Foam Dressing

Foam dressing with hydrophilic cushioning. Availab...


Coverlet® Adhesive Dressing

Box/100 | Available in .75in. x 3in. strips or 1in...


Seal Tight Shower Patch - Pk/5

Keeps wound dressings clean and dry. Pack of 5.


Sterile Multi-Trauma Abdominal Pads

Sterile abdominal pads for multi-trauma use.


Sterile Matrix Elastic Bandages

Sterile elastic bandages made from a polyester/cot...


Sterile Bulkee Super Fluff Sponge

Sterile Bulkee Super Fluff Sponge . Sterile. Packs...


Medigrip Tubular Bandages

Tubular bandages in various sizes by Medline.


Skin-Prep Protective Dressing Spray

Protective dressing that helps to increase the adh...


Dermagran®-B Hydrophilic Wound Dressing

Dermagran® impregnated gauze dressing provides a ...


Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Double Wrapped

Double-wrapped Xeroform gauze for wound dressings....


was $8.74

Xeroform™ Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Rolls

Rolls of Xeroform gauze for wound dressings. Steri...


was $16.24

Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressing - Patches

Patches of Xeroform gauze for wound dressings. 3 S...


was $8.74

TELFA® Ouchless Non-Adherent Dressings - Non-Adhesive

Non-stick wound dressing pads. Ideal for lightly d...


KERLIX™ Gauze Bandage Rolls - Sterile

Sterile, 6-ply, 100% cotton gauze roll. Sizes avai...


Curity™ Cover Sponges

Curity brand sterile & non-sterile cover sponges. ...


was $9.40