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Wheelchair Cushions

FreeshipWheelchair cushions aren't just about comfort, there are a host of conditions that benefit from the support provided by therapeutic/orthopedic seats. If you use your wheelchair for most or all of the day, the constant pressure can cause sores, skin breakdown, and even ulcers. Fortunately -- in addition to our comfort cushions and positioning cushions -- we carry plenty of prevention cushions capable of stopping ailments before they start. Whether you need foam, gel, air, or even sheepskin, we have you covered.

Gel E Wheelchair Cushions with Gel Bladder

Pressure reducing wheelchair cushion by Drive Medi...


Gel E 2 Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion by Drive Medical

Pressure prevention wheelchair seat cushion by Dri...


Wheelchair Cushion with Fleece Top

Comfortable wheelchair cushion with fleece top for...


was $87.49

Wheelchair Lap Cushion - Full Arm

For full arm wheelchairs, Width: 16 inches


Wheelchair Gel Cushion - Centurian

Centurian Wheelchair Gel Cushion by Action Product...


SimplX GFST Microfiber Wheelchair Cushion

Wheelchair Cushion features gel/foam pressure reli...


Fluid Guard Gel Cushion

Fluid Guard Gel Cushion from Hudson Industries. Of...


Wheelchair Lap Cushion - Half Arm



Roho Mosaic Seat Cushion With Cover, 3" Height

Mosaic cushion provides a comfortable, functional ...


was $166.66

Wheelchair Cushion with Back Support

Promotes good posture while providing proper suppo...


Xact Classic Wheelchair Cushion

Pressur ulcer reducing wheelchair cushion/pad from...


Soft-Eze Sure Stability 3 Gel Cushion

Durable, soft, gel cushion with 3 layer foam base....


Soft-eze Stability Gel Cushion

Highly resilient foam cushion with gel bladder cen...


Fleece Covered Wheelchair Cushion

The Essential Fleece Covered Coccyx Cushion is ju...


Dura-Gel Base 3G Wheelchair Cushion

Dura-Gel wheelchair cushion with Dura-Gel core.