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Weight Scales

Scale features that include digital readouts, body mass index measures and speaking results make it easy to know exactly what your weight is. Read our Daily Living Aids Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

Best Seller

GNC Digital Talking Bathroom Scale

Black finish talking scale from GNC.


Best Seller

Removable Readout Electronic Scale

This electronic scale features an infrared remote ...



Best Seller

Glass Health Monitor Scale

Health monitor with weight, body fat, body water, ...


Digital Talking Scale

Announces and displays pounds or kilograms (can be...


was $106.65


BMI Weight & Body Fat Scale

Body fat scale by Baseline. Measures Weight, Body ...


was $49.99


Personal Large Face Dial Floor Scale

Large Floor Scale with 330 lb capacity and over-si...


Bariatric Scale with Large Raised Dial

Bariatric heavy-duty bathroom scale with large, ea...


High Capacity Digital Floor Scale

Digital Floor Scale with Easy to Read LCD Display


Low Profile Digital Floor Scale

Low profile scale has easy to read display with 1....


was $62.49

Fat Loss Monitor With Scale

Weight, Body Fat % and BMI In Seconds.


Easy To Read Big Dial Scale

Rugged durability and a large, easy-to-read dial. ...


Bodylogic Body Fat Analyzer

Measures Body Fat, Weight, and Body Fat Percent in...


Large Dial Scale

Mechanical Dial Scale.


Glass Digital Scale

Black digital glass scale with automatic features.


Digital Glass Body Fat & Body Water Bathroom Scale

Digital scale capable of measuring body fat and bo...


Choosing The Best Weight Scales

Seniors can have many weight issues. Although most Americans struggle with overweight, some people don’t weight enough and can become frail and more likely to suffer a fall or broken bones.

Keeping track of weight with a bathroom scale can be motivational when you’re following a weight loss diet and can be essential for maintaining good health if you’re prone to being too thin.

There are many types of weight scales available, depending on your needs, and they come in a wide range of prices as well.

Traditional Weight Scales

These bathroom scales feature a dial with an arm that indicates your weight when you step on it. Some give your weight in kilograms as well as pounds. Often these scales have numbers that are too small to see, yet they have the reputation for being the most reliable. The answer to this dilemma is a model with an oversized dial and oversized numbers, like the Easy To Read Big Dial Scale from Medline with rugged durability, a lower profile and a wider platform. It reads in 1-pound gradations. The Large Dial Scale features a durable steel base and oversized platform covered with a non-slip mat and a 6.5” dial that offers 1.5 lb and 0.5 kg gradations. Most of these bathroom scales will read up to 330 lb.  The Bariatric Scale with Large Raised Dial has a capacity of 400 lb.

Digital Bathroom Scales

If you don’t want to bother with finding your weight on a traditional dial face, consider a digital bathroom scale that flashes your exact weight on a display screen. These typically run on a 9V or lithium battery. Look for a good-sized platform for your size, about a 12” square. Some are made of glass or plastic while others are metal. Be sure to check the weight limit of a digital scale before you buy. In addition to displaying your weight, the Digital Bariatric Scale has an extra large glass platform featuring 4 customizable settings, and goal-tracking technology shows your current weight, your goal weight and the percentage change from your last weigh-in. It has an oversized 1.7” LCD display and a tap-on and auto shut-off.

Talking Scales

You may need or simply like the novelty of a digital talking scale that both announces and displays your weight in either pounds or kilograms (the mode can be switched easily with a touch of a button). Simply tap the Digital Talking Scale with your foot to wake it up and the scale will say "hello." A few moments later the scale will say "ready." Then step onto it and it will announce your weight to a tenth of a pound in a very loud, clear female voice as well as display the results on the large LED readout.

Bodyfat Monitors

Health experts caution that your weight alone doesn’t give a complete picture of fitness. Body composition—your BMI (body mass index)—including the percentage of fat you’re carrying is an important health indicator. Some weight scales also offer a bodyfat function to help you track your progress with fat loss. One example is the Trimmer Body Fat Scale displays bodyfat percentage to 0.1% using bioelectric impedence technology for bodyfat analysis. It’s customizable for up to 10 users and has a large 1.5” LCD display, an extra-large platform and a slim design.