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Waste Containers and Transports

FreeshipWaste containers and transports for chemotherapy waste, sharps, and other assorted waste products that need special handling.

SharpSafety Transportable Containers

SharpSafety transport container for sharps. Availa...


SharpSafety In Room Container - Counter Balanced Lid

SharpSafety 5 quart sharps container, in room styl...


SharpSafety Monoject Sharps Containers by Covidien

Chimney top entry sharps container. Available in 4...


SharpSafety™ Chemotherapy Sharps Container

Sharps containers specifically designed for chemot...


Safelock™ Chemo Transport Bags

Transport bags for chemotherapy drugs and related ...


DailySafety Dialysis Sharps Disposal Containers

A rotor and hinged lid opening makes this sharps d...