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Vitamins & Supplements

FreeshipVitamins and minerals are essential to keeping your bones strong, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system. So, whether you’re looking to improve a specific part of your nutrition that diet alone can’t fix or looking to maintain your overall health, finding the right vitamins and supplements are important. A variety of products such as probiotics, multivitamins, vitamin C, calcium, liquid iron, and liquid antacid are available in multiple counts and potencies from McKesson. You can also find Florastor probiotics for digestion and intestinal health and Active liquid protein drink for an easy way to get additional health benefits in little time. If you are looking for a complete daily supplement, Green First packs in 49 different super foods and offers over 25 servings of fruits and vegetables. Multiple options for those tube feeding are available from Jevity.

Tube Feeding Formula Jevity® 1.5 Cal 1000 mL RTH Container

JEVITY 1.5 CAL is a calorically dense formula with...


McKesson Probiotic Dietary Supplement

McKesson Probiotic Dietary Supplements help to mai...


McKesson Multivitamin Supplement with Iron

McKesson Multivitamins with iron are useful for pa...


Magnesium Oxide Tablets

Magnesium Oxide | 400 mg (Compare to Mag-Ox.) 120/...


Florastor Probiotic Capsules, Bottle of 50.

Florastor helps re-establish the normal intestinal...


Fish Oil (Omega 3) Softgels

Omega 3 fish oil in soft-gel form - 130/bottle (Om...


Active Liquid Protein Supplement

15 grams of protein per 30 ml serving. Available i...


was $186.65

McKesson Multivitamin with Minerals

McKesson Multivitamins are useful for patients who...


McKesson Multivitamin

High potency multivitamin formula


McKesson Vitamin C 500MG Tablets 500ct

McKesson Vitamin C aids in the health and repair o...


McKesson Calcium 500MG Supplement 1000ct

Calcium and vitamin D combination is used to preve...


McKesson Iron 150MG Supplements 100ct

McKesson iron supplements increase iron in the bod...


McKesson Vitamin C 500MG Tablets 1000ct

McKesson Vitamin C aids in the health and repair o...


McKesson Liquid Antacid

McKesson liquid antacid relieves heartburn, sour s...


McKesson Liquid Iron Supplement

McKesson liquid iron supplements increase iron in ...


McKesson Vitamin C 250MG Tablets 100ct

McKesson Vitamin C Tablets help boost the immune s...


Greens First, Original, 10OZ

Greens First balances, supports and nourishes the ...


Tube Feeding Formula Jevity® 1.5 Cal

JEVITY 1.5 CAL is a calorically dense formula with...


Tube Feeding Formula Jevity® 1.2 Cal, 8oz

JEVITY 1.2 CAL 8 oz. is a high-protein and fiber r...


Tube Feeding Formula Jevity® 1.2 Cal 1000 mL RTH Container

JEVITY 1.2 CAL is a high-protein, has 18 grams of ...


Choosing The Best Nutritionals

The biggest general benefits of targeted dietary supplements include improved overall physical health, increased energy, stable immune system support and decreases risk of illness and disease. In many cases, specific supplements decrease age-related conditions, heal injuries quicker, improve cognitive abilities, and enhance movement and athletic activity level. Supplements such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein are available in capsules, liquids, ready-made drinks, and pudding; as well as powders for nutritional shakes and unflavored to be added to food.

Nutritional Supplement Drinks:

These convenient and complete drinks are meant to provide maximum nutritional benefits and increased energy with minimal to no preparation. Products include everyday snacks or meal replacements like Boost, Glucerna, and Carnation; as well as unflavored and high calorie choices for tube feeding. View category

Vitamins & Supplements:

Find the right vitamins and minerals based on what your body's specific health needs are. Supplements come in capsule, liquid, and powder forms and include products from everyday antacids to liquid iron. View category

Food Thickener & Puree Foods:

For those struggling to swallow food, a thickener is essential to making sure every meal provides maximum nutrient absorption. Products include Active Powdered Thickener and Thick-It brand drinks, unflavored powders, and canned purees. View category

Enteral Nutrition:

These products are liquid supplements for patients who are unable to feed themselves properly and tube feeding has become a necessary way to make sure all vital nutrients are being absorbed. Most products are also available in flavored options to be used as nutritional supplements. View category

Nutritional Powders, Puddings, and Bars:

Find a quick and easy way to get maximum nutrition and energy with minimal to no preparation. Products include complete nutritional drink mix powders infused with fiber and protein; as well as Boost and Glucerna brands. View category