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TV Listening

Freeship TV listening systems let you listen at a volume level that's comfortable for you, without disturbing others.

Serene Innovations TV SoundBox TV Listening Speaker

PG#: 000029vHC-TVSB     By: Serene Innovations

The TV SoundBox from Serene Innovations is a TV amplifier listening speaker that is completely wireless so you can even listen to your show in other rooms

was $178.65


Serene Innovations TV SoundBox Additional Charging Base

PG#: 000029vHC-TVSB-BASE     By: Serene Innovations

TV Soundbox charging base provides recharhing anywhere in the home, charges only does not transmit.



Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless RF TV Listening System

PG#: 000029vHC-RS175     By: Sennheiser

Home entertainment just got more entertaining! The RS 175 has superior bass and surround modes for high quality digital sound.

was $288.88


Etymotic BEAN Pair Quiet Sound Amplifier

PG#: 000029vHC-QSA-BG2     By: Etymotic

The BEAN Pair Quiet Sound Amplifiers amplify sounds and enhances your hearing experience while keeping the volume steady on louder noises, or even reducing it for extremely loud noise.



Sennheiser RS 135 Wireless RF TV Listening System

PG#: 000029vHC-RS135-9     By: Harris Communications

The RS 135 has Volume and tone controls for a TV listening experience customized to your hearing loss, Comes with comfortable lightweight headphones



Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Personal Sound Amplifier Duo Pack System

PG#: 000029vWS-PKTD1-EH     By: Williams Sound

This Pocketalker includes both a single earphone and a folding headphone, making it a great value for personal sound amplification.



Unisar TV Listener TV920 TV Listening System

PG#: 000029vHC-TVLISTENER     By: Harris Communications

The TV Listener J3 TV920 TV listening system works just like your TV remote control, sending an invisible infrared signal from your television or any other audio device to the lightweight headset receiver



Unisar TV Listener TV920 Listening System with Additional Headset

PG#: 000029vHC-TVLKIT     By: Harris Communications

TV920 TV listening system and included two headsets, one person can enjoy the TV while the other sleeps, reads or studies. Also perfect for individuals with hearing loss,



Unisar TV Listener 920 TV Listening System Headset (Headset Only)

PG#: 000029vHC-TVLHS     By: Harris Communications

Tv Listener 920 TV listening system additional headset gives another user capability to listen to the TV at a comfortable volume for them.



Etymotic T-Coil BEAN Platinum Quiet Sound Amplifier (Pair)

PG#: 000029vHC-QSA-PT2-T

The BEAN Quiet Sound Amplifier includes a t-coil mode for hearing aid users to listen from a room loop system that can be worn in either ear for quality.



Mino Digital Personal Amplifier

PG#: 000029vHC-MINO     By: Bellman & Symfon

Mino Personal Amplifier is a revolutionary communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to enhance speech in small group conversations, family gatherings, outdoors and in stores as well as music and TV.





Bellman & Symfon Maxi Personal Amplifier

PG#: 000029vHC-BAMAXI     By: Bellman & Symfon

Maxi Personal Amplifier is a revolutionary communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to enhance speech in small group conversations, music and TV.





Serene Innovations TV SoundBox AC Adapter

PG#: 000029vHC-AC-TVSB     By: Serene Innovations

Extra AC Adapter for the TV sound box, also used as a charging option.



Audio Fox TV Listening Speaker System

PG#: 000029vHC-AFTV-T     By: Audio Fox

The Audio Fox TV Listening Speaker System gives you personal volume control of crystal clear TV sound!



Flipper TV Remote Control

PG#: 000029vHC-FLIPPER     By: Universal

The Flipper® TV Remote Control allows you to use a single remote control for your TV, cable, satellite or DTV box.