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Toothette oral care products by Sage Products promote general oral health as well as oral issues that develop with age.

Toothette Mint Oral Swabs (Individually Wrapped)

Mint-flavored oral swabs with Dentrifice. Individu...


was $103.98


Toothette Oral Care Mouth Moisturizer

Contains Vitamin E and coconut oil to moisturize t...


was $13.32


Toothette Plus Suction Swabs - Single-use

Help remove debris and oral secretions between bru...


was $13.32


Toothette Plus Mint Oral Swabs - (Premoistened with Mouth Refresh Solution)

Pleasant mint flavored, pre-moisted oral swabs


Choosing The Best Oral Swabs

Dental care is important at every age. For those times when using a standard toothbrush and toothpaste isn’t practical or possible, oral swabs can help clean teeth, stimulate gums and freshen your mouth. They provide adequate oral hygiene for people who may experience mild oral dysfunction.

Mouth swabs like the Toothette are designed for those who can manage all or most of their oral care— you only need one hand to use them—as well as for patients who may require some nursing or caregiver assistance. Oral swabs have soft, secure foam heads with distinct ridges and are set on a rigid paper or plastic stick (not unlike a lollipop). By rubbing the head over teeth and gums, these mouth swabs gently lift and remove debris and mucus as they stimulate tender oral tissues and clean between teeth. They come ready to use—no need for water.

Toothettes are available in a few choices. Depending on need and personal preference, you can choose between flavored and unflavored, and between oral swabs moistened with a freshening solution or infused with sodium bicarbonate to better clean and refresh.

Oral swabs are also soothing for dry mouth conditions and can help reduce the chemical or metallic taste in the mouth that can be a side effect of chemotherapy and even help improve appetite and decrease the feeling of nausea.
For dry mouth in particular, another oral swab option is the Lemon Glycerin Swabstick  with a bright citrus flavor to moisten and refresh the mouth.