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Toilet Safety Frames & Rails

FreeshipWe often recommend toilet seat risers and safety frames when customers call asking for advice on which products they most need to make their older loved ones comfortable and safe at home. Something as basic as toileting can be painful and dangerous to the elderly if their special needs aren't considered. Read More

Foldeasy Toilet Safety Frame by Windsor Direct

Designed to eliminate the need to modify your bath...


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Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail

Drive Medical toilet safety rail with padded handl...


Toilet Safety Frame by Drive Medical

Anodized aluminum toilet safety frame by Drive Med...


Toilet / Commode Safety Rail with Foam Handles by Drive Medical

Toilet safety rails constructed of attractive powd...


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Foldeasy Toilet Safety Frame Travel Bag

The ideal travel carrying bag, specifically design...


Toilet Safety Rails by Nova

The toilet safety rails by Nova have a one piece m...


Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety handles and frame for helping with u...


Toilet Guard Rail

Lightweight anodized aluminum frame offers safe as...


Shower/Toilet Safety Belt

Belt for shower seats. Adds security to any showe...


Soft-Flex Splash Guard

A neat solution to a messy problem.


Healthcraft PT Rail - Hinged Bathroom Support

Uniquely designed hinged grab bar that folds in an...


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Deluxe Toilet Safety Support

Commode safety support to help the elderly retain ...


Choosing The Best Toilet Safety Frames
But these items are not just useful to aged loved ones. Recent surgical procedures such as knee or hip replacement, or newly diagnosed conditions like Parkinson's can make toilet seat risers and safety frames important devices for anyone in the home.

Toilet seat risers come in either ROUND or ELONGANTED shapes. It is very important to measure carefully and determine the shape of your toilet before purchasing (due to the hygienic nature of the product, they are not returnable, unless defective). Toilet Seat Risers and Toilet Safety Frames range from 2" to 5" high. They can be padded; come with arms or without arms; you can replace the toilet seat or the riser / safety frame can be added underneath the existing seat for a seamless look. A doctor or physical therapist will recommend the seat height you need for most comfort. One of our highest rated risers is placed on top of your existing toilet bowl and then your own seat and lid are bolted onto it. For those concerned about the "look" in the bathroom it is the most unobtrusive.

Safety frames are another must-have for bathroom safety. Although some risers come with arms, if they do not lock onto the toilet and enough weight is placed on either side while sitting or standing, the seat could tilt. A better option is to purchase a safety frame which has legs to the floor, which offers a more stable support.

So how do you choose which products are best for your situation? Here are the questions you should answer:
  • How high do you need the riser to be? (remember – if the riser is 3", and your own toilet seat is being placed on top of it, that will add another 3/4" or so)
  • Is your toilet round or elongated? What are the measurements of the bowl itself?
  • Does the person using the riser also need arms for help in sitting down and standing up?
  • Do you want to easily remove the riser and/or frame, or can they be bolted onto the existing toilet?
  • Do you want the riser to replace your own toilet seat or to become the new seat?
  • Is having a lid on the toilet important to you?
  • Be sure the weight requirements of the user are met
  • Will there be men in your household not needing the riser? If so, they might want one that is hinged to lift up before use.
Call us if you are not sure! We are here waiting to help you!