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Toilet Safety Frames & Rails

Toilet safety frames and rails are crucial aids in patient bathroom mobility and ease. They provide a shorter distance to sit or stand, thus making being mobile all the easier. We carry portable, no installation required, floor-to-ceiling tension mount poles, hinged P.T. bar models, and various other choices from the top brand names in medical suppliers, like Stander, Medline, Lumex and Drive Medical.

Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right safety rail and frame.

Best Seller

Toilet Safety Frame by Drive Medical

Anodized aluminum toilet safety frame by Drive Med...



Best Seller

Premium Toilet Seat Lifter

Premium seat lifter with removable arms and rubber...



Best Seller

Drive Medical Toilet Safety Rail

Drive Medical toilet safety rail with padded handl...


Lumex UpRise Onyx Folding Walker and Assist

A folding walker by Lumex that functions as a walk...


was $79.99


Security Pole & Curved Grab Bar by Stander

Floor-to-ceiling, tension mount pole with grab bar...


was $187.49


Foldeasy Portable Toilet Safety Rails

Versatile, cost effective toilet frame and rails w...


was $124.99


Foldable Toilet Safety Rail by Medline

Toilet safety frame & rails from Medline. 250 lb. ...



Toilet / Commode Safety Rail with Foam Handles by Drive Medical

Toilet safety rails constructed of attractive powd...


was $62.79


Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat w/Legs

Toilet riser and safety frame in one. Eliminates t...


was $155.54


Toilet Safety Rails by Nova

The toilet safety rails by Nova have a one piece m...



Toilet Safety Rails

Toilet safety handles and frame for helping with u...



The Curve Grab Bar - Toilet Rail

Toilet Rail by Stander with 4 different hand grips...


Healthcraft PT Rail - Hinged Bathroom Support

Uniquely designed hinged grab bar that folds in an...


was $299.99

Toilet Safety Frame

Toilet Safety Frame


Choosing The Best Toilet Safety Frames

Bathroom safety bars are a great way to help prevent slips and falls in the bathroom. Grab bars on the walls and within the tub or shower enclosure are part of these safety solutions. Another excellent—and often vital—item is a toilet safety frame that conveniently wraps around the fixture. Toilet safety frames provide secure handrails that offer support, allowing you to more easily raise and lower yourself. Many bolt securely to the toilet for stability, and there are also toilet safety bars or rails that attach to the wall.

In general toilet bars are made from metal tubing, often of powder-coated steel, and include skid-resistant rubber tips on the ends of the legs for safety and padded handles for comfort. Both the height and width of the frame may adjust to accommodate your height and physique. Some toilet safety frame styles incorporate extra features, like a magazine holder.

Another option for a bathroom safety bar is a toilet rail that attaches to wall studs, such as the Curve Grab Bar from Stander, a space saving toilet rail that has four hand grips at four different heights. This pivoting grab bar locks in place every 45 degrees and can also be locked flat against the wall when the bar is not in use.

Some toilet safety frame models include a toilet riser as part of the design, making it easier to maneuver if you have increased difficulty bending as well as getting up and down. The Tall-ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Legs, for example, adds 4” to the bowl height. It features an aluminum frame and contoured soft foam arm rests.