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Tena Day Pads

FreeshipTena Day Pads are incontinence pads designed to be used during the day. These pads are available in light, regular, and plus absorbency levels.

TENA® Day Regular Incontinence Pad

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TENA® Day Light Incontinence Pad

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TENA® Day Plus Bladder Incontinence Pads

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Tena Incontinence Products
To maintain comfort and dignity for those in need of solutions for urinary incontinence, it is sometimes necessary to turn to using adult diapers or incontinence products.

The products make it so individuals are able to sleep, work, and relax without the worry of their bed sheets, clothing, or furniture becoming soiled. It is possible to find pads the fit an individual's lifestyle because they are available in a wide variety of forms.

In order to protect the skin from rash and wetness, incontinence supplies have a specific design meant to absorb leakage from urine. According to surveys conducted by the National Association for Continence, their findings indicate that every three out of five consumers use one form or another of adult diapers or incontinence supplies.

However, this study also revealed that consumers were not using the correct products as well. This survey indicated that one out of every four women were using sanitary napkins to resolve their incontinence issues. While sanitary napkins are a useful option for absorbing menstrual blood, they will not protect against urine leakage in the same way as an adult diaper or incontinence products. This study also found that seventeen percent of women were also using paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper to resolve their incontinence issues instead of using products designed specifically to meet these needs.

When choosing incontinence products, think about how much absorbency is necessary and how easy the product is to use. The thicker and larger the product is, the more urine is will absorb. This also means the product will also be bulker and more difficult to use. Here are some options to consider:
  • Liners: those who experience light urine leakage benefit from using this product, the product is very discreet and thin.
  • Pads: those who experience moderate urine leakage benefit from using this product, the pads are a bit thicker than liners.
  • Guards: these products are designed for men as they are contoured to fit snugly around his anatomy.
Each of these options are designed to fit inside an individual's undergarments. For those who experience moderate to heavy leakage, adult diapers or Tena Disposable Underpants are available. These incontinence products are created so they fit snugly, most with gathers at the leg, so leakage does not occur. Here are some options:
  • Shields: for added support, hip straps attach to these thicker pads.
  • Adult diapers or Tena Disposable Underpants: they fasten with adhesive tape, and provide protection all-around for individuals with heavy leakage issues.
It is incredibly important to replace pads or diapers once urine has been absorbed. Otherwise, irritation or a rash could occur. Remove the diaper or take the pad off, clean the area thoroughly using Tena Skin Care, dry the area thoroughly, and then use clean incontinence supplies.