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Tena Day Pads

FreeshipTena Day Pads are incontinence pads designed to be used during the day. These pads are available in light, regular, and plus absorbency levels.

Dry Comfort by TENA® Day Heavy Bladder Control Pad

This pad offers protection from heavy bladder and ...


was $33.32



TENA® Day Regular Incontinence Pad

The many comfort features of this pad ensure discr...


was $43.99



TENA® Day Plus Bladder Incontinence Pads

A Dry-Fast Dual Core wicks fluid away from the bod...


was $45.32



TENA® Day Light Incontinence Pad

With an outer layer that minimizes noise and an in...


was $19.99



TENA Incontinence Products
TENA provides a full range of absorbent products tailored to the distinct needs of men and women, including pantiliners, daytime and overnight pads, male guards, protective underwear, briefs, skin care products, and underpads. TENA is manufactured and marketed by SCA, a worldwide leader with over 50 years of experience in the management of incontinence, providing products and services for individuals and healthcare organizations throughout 105 countries.

Parentgiving customers and caregivers consistently rate TENA products as providing excellent application in managing incontinence and an excellent value as well. Bestselling and highest rated TENA products include Tena Stretch Super, Tena Super Briefs, and TENA Super Disposable Underpads. Within the Parentgiving universe of incontinence products, TENA users consistently rave about the stretch briefs as having an ideal mix of absorbency with a customizable, more tailored fit. Other customers come back again and again to purchase Tena Underpads at the lowest prices online. Parentgiving offers the full assortment of products from SCA and TENA: from institutional incontinence products to retail incontinence products that one might find at the local pharmacy.

We also find TENA products to be very highly rated in the area of Gender Specific incontinence products. Tena for Men Underwear and Tena for Women Underwear dominate our male and female specific choices respectively. After trying our incontinence sampling program, many long-time Depend for Women users convert over to Tena for Women Underwear after recognizing the better fit and absorption and per unit price.

TENA Skincare products have recently emerged as a very popular choice for our Aging in Place customers. The TENA Skincare assortment is again built around application: Cleansers with no rinsing required (TENA Washcloths, TENA Wipes, and Tena Cleansing Creams), Cleansers that need rinsing (Body Wash and Shampoo), and TENA Protective Creams. TENA Classic Washcloths and TENA UltraFlush Washcloths are some of our most popular cleaning products. The UltraFlush Washcloths are 98% biodegradable and are picking up the trend of disposable products that are sewer and municipal sewage system safe.

With the TENA(r) brand, SCA is at the forefront of developing products that minimize the impact of incontinence and improve the everyday lives of people living or working with bladder leakage or incontinence. TENA(r) products feature innovative technologies to ensure protection, comfort and discretion for wearers. Parentgiving recognizes the quality and value of TENA incontinence products for our customers, and thus carries the widest assortment of TENA products online. Further, TENA sales reps and TENA corporate managers meet often with Parentgiving to share new products and features and do extensive in-service training sessions to ensure our own Customer Care Representatives are up to speed on the latest features and benefits of the TENA line.