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Staying Fit

Strength training, a must for keeping muscles strong, is made easier with exercise bands and light weights that allow you to easily build a program. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

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Choosing The Best Fitness Equipment

Staying fit or getting fit requires exercise—not moving perpetuates not being able to move. But simple exercise equipment for seniors makes it possible to start a fitness plan at any age and at any level—no excuses.

One simple way to get started is with an exercise peddler like the one from Drive Medical.  An exercise peddler is an economical piece of floor exercise equipment for seniors that provides a safe and gentle form of low impact activity. It stimulates circulation and is ideal for toning leg muscles; it can also be used on a table to exercise the arms. And the tension can be easily adjusted for more or less resistance.

Another option is to start a walking program, possibly the simplest form of exercise. You can start with short walks and increase the time as you build stamina. The key is to add steps every day. A simple way to track your progress is with a pedometer, like the Oregon Scientific Pedometer with Calorie Counter that measures distance walked, time elapsed and calories burned while walking. Its built-in memory captures data so results can be compared and progress checked over an entire week of activity.

As you become more fit, you’ll want to attempt more aerobic workouts to get more benefit from your efforts. This means that you’ll want to elevate your heart rate to within the safety zone recommended by your doctor. Using a heart monitor like the Omron Heart Rate Monitor is an easy way to know that you’re in the right zone. Choose a monitor you can program to announce low and high heart rates and even to remind you to work out!

Strength-training is an important part of every workout plan to maintain muscle tone, but you don’t need heavy or cumbersome pieces of weight training equipment. Cuff weights are adjustable ankle weights and wrist weights that fit snugly and secure easily with a Velcro closure strap—if holding even a light dumbbell is hard for you, wearing light weights around your wrists and ankles should allow you to exercise without discomfort.

Another way to strength-train without weights at all is to use your own body as resistance with a product like Therabands.  A set of Theraband Resistance Exercise Bands provides virtually unlimited application possibilities for increasing strength, physical mobility and flexibility. Bands with different resistances, or strengths, allow you to move up to a band with more resistance as you develop muscle strength. Each 5-foot length band is recognizable by its color: yellow (light), red (medium) and green (strong). This special system of progressive resistance can be used for both the upper and lower body muscles.

Another option is a Theraband heavy-duty exercise ball, used to increase flexibility, coordination and strength and available in a variety of sizes.

Because hand grip, mobility and dexterity are so important, consider  Theraband Hand Exercise Ball Resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms. This system features four color-coded resistances from extra soft to extra firm.

With so many pieces of exercise equipment for seniors, staying fit has never been easier.