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Safety Bed Rails

Larger safety bed guard rails for elderly are primarily designed to keep people from rolling or falling out of bed. Our videos illustrate various bed guard rail features and installation.

Safety bed rails for adults are typically extra long and high, and stronger than other bed rails.

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Choosing The Best Safety Bed Rails

There are some important considerations when choosing a safety bed rail.

The length of the bed rail is a key factor to consider. Choose from full length, half-length or shorter bed rails. Adjustable rails lengthen for sleeping and may be used for support in the shortened position, like the EZ Adjust Side Bed Rail from Stander.

The size of the bed the bed rails will be used on is key, too—be sure the bed rail will accommodate your mattress, whether it’s a twin, queen or king. The adjustable length bed rails by Drive Medical include easy-to-install (and remove) crossbars that adjust between 36" and 72" and come complete with extensions that will even accommodate a king-sized bed. The side rails adjust to 37", 43" or 57" in length without tools. Both upward and downward adjustments are simplified by a spring-loaded release.

Ease of use matters. Safety bed rails are often designed to be collapsible so they can be lowered or swung out of the way when you want to get out of bed. Bed rails with spring- loaded releases, for instance, pivot downward.

The correct construction, fit and installation of the bed rails is essential so that you don’t accidentally get caught between the bars. A unique design that saves you from that worry is the no-gap deluxe http://www.parentgiving.com/shop/adjustable-length-bed-rails-by-drive-3930/p/half-length side bed rail by Drive Medical.  The 1” steel construction with brown vein finish is durable and strong yet attractive. The rail even fits most hospital beds with a steel frame and is ideal for maximum protection with the bed elevated.

Keep in mind that even the best bed rails need to be installed on a mattress in good condition—an old, lumpy and no longer firm mattress shouldn’t be used with a bed rail. If you use a mattress overlay, know that they may be slightly smaller than the mattress itself and create gaps around the edges. Pads for bed rails, roll prevention bolster pads and rail gap wedges among other accessories offer comfort and safety by preventing limbs from falling between rails. Various sized and shaped foam pads and wedges serve as body positioning aids, at the same time as providing support to elevate or cushion various body areas from head and neck to hip and ankle. To complement bed rails and provide additional area protection, full-sized protective pads are available to be placed on the floor at bedside as a cushioning second line of defense from a fall.