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Thank you for wonderful customer service which is rare these days. I was told I would receive next day delivery and I did. I would definitely order from Parentgiving again.
- C.F. 

Thank you so very much for the incredible products, shipping speed, catalog & magnet - wonderful resources to be shared!
- Trish, MD 
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Mattress Waterproof Pad - Reusable
Fully washable & resusable waterproof mattress pad. Triple layered cotton-poly blend. Available with or without flaps.

These high-quality, reusable bedding pads from Invacare are machine washable for multiple use. The waterproof pad is triple layered and quilted with a cotton and polyester surface. The inner layer is 65 percent polyester and 35 percent rayon and the backing is 100 percent vinyl. Options: 23" x 36" as shown in image or 23" x 36" with 9" flap on each side to tuck under the mattress to secure it.

  • Fully washable & reusable
  • Tiple layered & quilted cotton/polyester surface
  • 100% vinyl backing
  • Optional 18in. flaps
Option Name Price Sale Price Availability
23" x 36" - Each $18.65 $13.99 in stock
36" x 54" - Each $23.99 $17.99 in stock
*Prices (including sales) and availability can change at any time.
By: harley
Great Product the size is almost perfect, the length was fine, the width could have been about 6 more inches and that would never miss the spot so to speak.
washed up nicely
By: family nurse
Good protection, and stays in place.
Better than store brands
By: sis
Good product
An excellent product and stops problems.
By: CareGiver
This product is excellent and serves the purpose it is intended to serve.
easy to use
By: Cass
protects mattress from nightly accidents
easy to use
By: Cass
protects mattress from nightly accidents
Mattress pad does the job
By: Jeana
It was fine, had to bury it in the sheets a bit so it would not make noise when turning.
A perfect size pad
It's a perfect size for any bed. Fits right under my dad's body. It's exactly what was needed for the night time wetness.
Fantastic! Saved our Tempurpedic Mattress from beloved but incontinent dog.
By: GK
We have a king sized Tempurpedic mattress and, while it's the best bed I've ever owned, it's basically a giant, firm sponge. We also have a very large dog who sleeps in the bed with us. Unfortunately, she has recently developed bladder issues and has frequent accidents. She's a very large dog and she must have a huge bladder because there is a lot of urine. We have the Tempurpedic mattress cover and have tried several other padded mattress covers - all of these claim to be waterproof. They are not waterproof at all. (Tempurpedic mattresses can be cleaned but it is a multi-day process.) In desperation, I bought these pads in XL. We lay two of them side by side (with some overlap) on the bottom of the bed so, for the most part, the bottom of the bed is covered from side to side. I found them a bit warm to sleep on so this is out over-compensating (but very successful) solution. The thin Tempurpedic mattress cover goes on first. Then, we lay the pads down. We then put on a padded mattress cover on top of all that. With the padded mattress cover on top of the pads, I can't even tell they're there. When the dog has an accident, we put down new pads (I bought several so we have extras when some are in the wash) and a fresh top mattress cover and go back to sleep. We've become quite good at this. Imagine a Bed-Making Pit Crew.
I'm happy with this product. They are comfortable to lay on and work well.
By: Dottie
They arrived very fast.
best pad for the bed! I bought 3 !
By: jen
Best pad ever! Washes and drys easy, priced right! i use this to pull my Dad up on the bed when he slides down. they are big enough to really protect the bed, catches spills.
Works great!
By: Karen
Works Great
Excellent product
By: kama
I put it between the mattess pad and the sheet. With a disposable on top. So far works great. Haven't washed yet.
Great product
By: Chump
Good size and quality.
These pads far surpassed what I was expecting.
By: Edi
I was surprised at how quickly the products arrived and the quality.
It looks good but haven't used it yet
By: Barbara
It looks like it will work well. Like the size and the construction
Don't be afraid to buy these. They are great quality.
By: daughter5
I'm glad I found the website. The quality, size and price were great. So much better than the ones I saw elsewhere. They wash and dry just like new. They are strong enough to use to lift my mother up in the bed when she slides down in the bed. The shipping was fast. You can't go wrong on these. I will buy other stuff from this web store.
luv these!! have 3 now, perfect!
By: ginya
I luv these! Just purchased oue 3rd one. Fair price for a perfect secure stay dry pad!
Perfect Product
By: JJ
This waterproof pad will definitely protect the mattress.
Perfect Product
By: JJ
This waterproof pad will definitely protect the mattress.
Perfect Product
By: JJ
This waterproof pad will definitely protect the mattress.
Dry Idea
By: Jersey Girl
Our second order for this useful item.
Large enough for the bed
By: rainbows
Needed something in case of mishaps.It seemd easy to use
finally found the perfect solution!
By: ginya l
I am the sole caretaker for my husband with Lewy Body demtia. He is totally incontinent.I have tried everything to keep the bedding dry! All other pads move around and don't do much good. Even tho' we have a queen size bed where I sleep also this is an amazing solution!! I tuck in his side & I sleep on the other flap! Perfect!
practical, absorbent easy to wash
By: swelnel
we like to have 4 of these on hand - 1 for her chair and 1 for the bed and then spares
matress spad
By: Susan
very helpful
matress pad with wings
By: gigi
excellent, wings stay tucked,stay waterprofed
Mattress Waterproof PasPad
By: Barb
Very Good!! Haven't had to change sheets due to night time wetness. Wash and dry very well.
reusable waterproof mattress pads
By: Linda
Very good,wings are long enough to tuck. Very good Definitely waterproof and wings tuck under mattress
PADS 34X36
Mattress Pads
By: Shirley McMahan
Very good, I especially like the fact that I can wash them in my washing machine and dry in the dryer.
By: jeannemara
Put this on daily, have to change it at least once a day, but so much better than having to change entire sheet set.
Waterproof pad saved our bed
By: Rose & Geo
We are pleased with the waterproof pad. My husband is unable to walk and needs all help he can get, but sometimes still has accidents. This helps in the laundry.
mattress waterproof pads
By: Suzanne kenerley
They are just what we needed & are so easy to clean & care for.
Great Pads!
By: Care taker
I haven't been able to find these in stores, good price, fast reliable service!
Great for All Ages
By: Exhausted Mom
great for children, too
By: happy mom
I haven't been able to find this quality in the stores. Good price, too. Great to have a break from changing sheets every night. Helps my son not feel so bad about bed-wetting.
Great Value
By: Diane
Bought two of these for my old dog's incontence problems. Easy to wash every day, big enough to cover the whole couch cushion. I will recommend them to everyone!
good value
By: anne
nice to have a choice in size as my mom is a restless sleeper and moves around alot.
You will be so glad you got it!
By: DeeRN
If you have an elderly person or child with urine incontinence, this pad will be a real time-saver for you. It goes in the washer and dryer and cleans up beautifully. So absorbent, it saves you the trouble of having to wash sheets
Excellent quality
By: Jo Ann
Great product, great price.
Good Quality
By: s morris
I bought only 2 of the pads for my mom thining the quality would not be as I expected .. My mom told me to order 2 more.
Well constructed, soft surface
By: jbosari
I bought 4 of the large pads with flaps for my child with bed-wetting problems. The cotton side is soft and comfortable and the flaps tuck in the sides to keep it in place. It has worked beautifully. No more changing the sheets every night. This is the best quality pad I have seen for the price!
By: dell
how is diaper safe for adult when sleeping