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Wonderful information in one area for anyone who is in the position of being a caregiver for a parent, spouse or anyone else. Thank you for putting all of this together.
- E.C., Short Hills, NJ 

How reassuring to have a professional perspective on our parents’ lives and their issues. All personnel that we’ve dealt with on the phone have been so kind, knowledgeable, perceptive and reassuring
- Susan S. 
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good deal and sounds are nice too
By: Working mom
This is a nice radio I got for my 13 year old son. He is not as thrilled as I am. I think the sounds are great for the price. Free ship was excellent. Arrived fast. As to the clock part of the sounds/clock radio, the light is too bright and lights up a lot of the room. Also, it is not possible to read the clock if it's more than about 4 feet away. It's something with the blue on blue. Overall, the sounds are great and it's easy to use. I'd say it's a good thing for a younger child that needs a little light in the room and who would be more accepting of something less than anything without an "i" in front of it.
Love this product!! Great value!
By: Bamagirl
This sound therapy clock is fantastic! Shipping was fast and the sounds are soothing! My son also loves it.