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My order was at home when I got home last night. Great Service.
- Lorraine, Germantown , MD. 

Thank you so very much for the incredible products, shipping speed, catalog & magnet - wonderful resources to be shared!
- Trish, MD 
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Security Pole & Curved Grab Bar by Stander
Floor-to-ceiling, tension mount pole with grab bar. Rubber pads on top/bottom protect floor & ceiling. (Black or White)

This attractive floor-to-ceiling pole allows people with limited mobility to more easily rise from a sitting position, or sit from a standing position.

  • Pivoting curved grab bar provides 4 hand grips at 4 different heights and locks in place every 45 degrees.
  • Rubber pads on the top and bottom protect the ceiling and floor.
  • The main pole easily separates into two 53" pieces making it easy to transport.
  • There is a wrench included and no other tools are required for assembly.
  • Pole mounting: tension and screws (optional but recommended)
  • Fits ceiling 7 to 10 feet in height.
  • The bottom of the hand grip is positioned 29" above the floor; it is 19" high and protrudes from the pole 9".
  • Constructed with rust-resistant zinc plated steel.
  • Product weight: 20lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs.
  • Shipping carton dimensions: 54Lx12.5Wx3.25H.

Available in white or black (choose above).

Option Name Price Sale Price Availability
White $181.24 $144.99 in stock
Black $181.24 $144.99 in stock
*Prices (including sales) and availability can change at any time.
Great product...helped my dad be more mobile
By: debbie
Security Pole is making Dad a "show-off"
By: Son - Bobby Joe
Items were shipped quickly as touted and arrived as scheduled.
Worked great for my mother and helped my back.
By: Larry
Worked great to give my mother stability and something to hold on to.
works great
By: art
pole was purchased for stability in standing wonderful product very easy to move
a must have for the elderly
By: mike
this product was excellent for my 97 year old grandmother to use after falling and suffering frm hip surgery.
Gives back freedom
By: Grandaughter
My grandpa was in need of assistance in getting in and out of his recliner and this product is just what he needed. It provides him something sturdy to grab onto to pull himself up.
Excellent safety pole!!
By: Daughter
My dad has two of these and loves them!
this is my 3rd pole. portable to travel in hotel's
By: jenny g
Very fast service
this is my 3rd pole. portable to travel in hotel's
By: jenny g
Very fast service
Much easier for 93 y/o blind dad to use than the bed rail we bought
By: Lin
Dad uses this to guide himself into bed. Since he can't see, this pole with the handles are easier to "find" & grip than the small bedrail we bought. He prefers the pole because it feels secure, and has different heights to grab on to. I like it because I can rotate it out of the way to provide care. Will probably get another for bathroom.
At 88 years old, this was a LIFESAVER
By: Nancy A.
At 88 years old, my Mom is getting weak. Getting in and out of bed was a chore for her and I. This security pole made it MUCH easier!!
What a Lifesaver!
By: Nancy A.
Strong, well-built, and easy to hold onto to.
see below
By: K
A wonderful support for one who needs it!
By: Care Angel
This pole has been a true support, not only for my 92 year old mother, but for me, her caregiver. Don't know how we ever got along without it!
Diginity for my Dad
By: Joanie
Freedom for my dad to move about more on his own...Priceless
A Portability Marvel !!
By: Jimmy
Nothing else than what I have already ststed.
Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar
By: Irene
My mom is eighty-four years old and has a hard time standing alone without my assistance. The security pole and curve grab bar thus far, allows her to pull up and stand alone. It allows me to do other chores that would otherwise take more time if I had to always assist her in standing.