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it is not easy to take care of a parent—any and every thing is potentially stressful. I searched days for this chair and found your price to be the most competitive. This savings, coupled with the prompt service, is invaluable to me.
- J.D. 

How reassuring to have a professional perspective on our parents’ lives and their issues. All personnel that we’ve dealt with on the phone have been so kind, knowledgeable, perceptive and reassuring
- Susan S. 
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3 Chamber Compression Garments For Use With Flowtron Hydroven 3 Pump
Gradient, sequential, 3 chamber compression garments (sleeves) for use with Flowtron Hydroven 3 Pump.
Gradient, Sequential, 3 Chamber Compression Garments (Sleeves) for use with Flowtron Hydroven 3 Pump. Garments available for half leg (20"), full leg (26", 28", 20", 33", and 36"), and full arm (27" and 31"). Hydroven 3 garments are three chamber garments that provide gradient segmental compression, with 10% reduction in pressure in each chamber distally to proximally. The Flowtron Hydroven 3 is an Intermittent and Segmental combination pump from Huntleigh Healthcare. Delivers exceptional results in the treatment of lymphadema and venous insufficiency. Increases venous and lymphatic flow. Augments extracellular fluid drainage. Reduces swelling and enhances wound healing. 3 chambered design employs gradient sequential compression as the garment extends over the limb. Console garments are soft and pliable, prevents pinching or chafing, washable and feature full length zippers for ease of use. Compatible with item # 510003. Please note this item is not returnable once the retail packaging is opened. Our customer service staff is available to answer questions and assist with selection.
Option Name Price Sale Price Availability
20" - Half Leg $366.66 $329.99 backordered (2015-04-02)
26" - Full Leg $366.66 $329.99 backordered (2015-04-02)
27" - Full Arm $366.66 $329.99 backordered (2015-04-02)
31" - Full Arm $366.66 $329.99 backordered (2015-04-02)
28" - Full Leg $399.99 $359.99 backordered (2015-04-02)
30" - Full Leg $422.21 $379.99 in stock
33" - Full Leg $422.21 $379.99 backordered (2015-04-02)
36" - Full Leg $444.43 $399.99 backordered (2015-04-02)
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