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How reassuring to have a professional perspective on our parents’ lives and their issues. All personnel that we’ve dealt with on the phone have been so kind, knowledgeable, perceptive and reassuring
- Susan S. 

Wow, when you said fast shipping you weren't kidding. Kudos to the shipping department. We ordered on Monday evening and it was delivered in perfect condition Wednesday morning. Thank you for a job well done.
- M. Griffith 
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Daylight Sky Light Therapy
Serves as both a therapy and task light. This SAD lamp is designed to provide timed, intense doses of white light to treat specific conditions.

The Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy System serves as both a therapy and task light, featuring BrightZone™ Technology for maximum 10,000 LUX output within a broad field of illumination. Designed to provide timed, intense doses of white light to treat specific conditions, meets the stringent bright light therapy guidelines set by leading experts. Bright light therapy is recommended as a first line treatment for the winter blues and can also help improve sleep patterns, jet lag and shift work adjustment usually with only a daily 20-30 minute treatment.

  • Contemporary, smaller and more discreet for home or office;measures 13.75” in length by 10.5” wide
  • Adjustable height for therapeutic use or everyday task lighting (minimum 25”/maximum 27.25”)
  • Weighs only 8.2lbs
  • Manufacturers Five-year limited warranty
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