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it is not easy to take care of a parent—any and every thing is potentially stressful. I searched days for this chair and found your price to be the most competitive. This savings, coupled with the prompt service, is invaluable to me.
- J.D. 

How reassuring to have a professional perspective on our parents’ lives and their issues. All personnel that we’ve dealt with on the phone have been so kind, knowledgeable, perceptive and reassuring
- Susan S. 
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The Feminal Female Urinal
Allows a woman to urinate in any position: reclined, seated or standing. Replaces bedpans for women with limited mobility.
This Feminal Female Urinal allows a woman to urinate in any position: reclined, seated or standing. Replaces bedpans for those with limited mobility. Easy-to-hold handles ensure a leak-proof seal when Feminal is pressed against the body and held in an upright position when drawn away after use. This unit no longer has a cap.
  • 1000cc capacity
  • Top quality, dishwasher-safe
  • Latex-free

For safety and hygienic reasons this item is not returnable once the case has been opened.
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Extremely helpful!!
By: Mac
I live by myself and am recovering from a broken back. Ive always been very self-sufficient so it was awful for me to NOT be able to bend to sit down on the toilet first thing in the morning when my back was so stiff and painful. I would straddle it, aim and hope for the best. My daughter went online, suggested this....it arrived SO quickly (you must KNOW how badly I needed it), and its been a blessing!!
exzcellent just what i hoped for its eliminating my nighttime incontinance