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How reassuring to have a professional perspective on our parents’ lives and their issues. All personnel that we’ve dealt with on the phone have been so kind, knowledgeable, perceptive and reassuring
- Susan S. 

It doesn't get better than a company that gets it right the first time every time and does it in time frames for which other companies charge a good deal extra!
- D. Barkley 
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Freedom Grip Economy Bed Rail
The perfect helping hand for getting in and out of bed. Side bed rail assist.

The Freedom Grip Economy Bed Rail by Mobility Transfer Systems, Inc. is an easy and affordable solution for the person who needs a helping hand getting in and out of bed. The Freedom Grip Bed Rail helps you stay safe and independent. Wake up with the confidence and freedom of knowing you can get out of bed with ease. Perfect for anyone with back pain. This bed rail also helps to prevent you from falling out of bed. Quick installation. No tools required.

  • Quick & easy installation. No tools required.
  • The platform base is 28" L x 20" W and slides between the box spring and mattress
  • Dimensions: The grip surface is 1" in diameter. Flat area of hand grip is 4 1/2" wide, total width of handgrip is 9", height is 20 1/2"
  • Weight capacity: 250lbs.
This rail can be used on all bed sizes (twin, full, queen & king).
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A lifesaver
By: Rambo
This has greatly added to my husband's ability to get in and out of bed on his own. Prior to getting this, he had numerous falls.
Am pleased
By: jo
Bought the rails for my dad to place on his bed. They have helped his mobility in bed.
Mom is very happy with the bed rail
By: Elisa
Mom uses it to prevent falling out of bed and also to help her get up out of bed.
Functional product!!
By: BJ
Easy to install and very functional
Very easy to apply to any bed
By: cindy
Not to heavy and very practical
By: none
Easily put together by my husband who has Parkinsons
Great Product! Great Price!
By: Mamaboo
Makes getting into and out of bed so much easier.
Works great.
By: Honey
We use one at the head of the bed and one at the foot. that way my husband can still get out of bed but has stability while getting dressed.
By: ly
item was received very fast.
By: ly
item was received very fast.
Good sturdy product
By: Kathie
Very sturdy but wish it wasn't attached to the heavy board. Makes it difficult to make the bed look nice. Without the board, can easily be removed and put back at bedtime.
Total Satisfaction!
By: Captain Jack Harkness
Easy to install perfect to use!
Freedom Grip Econ Bedrail
By: Sunny
Thank you for the fast delivery! My mom is protected from falling. Thank you
Works Great
By: vet's wife
This product works great to keep my husband from falling out of bed
Encourages independence
By: Santa
Not what we wanted at all to short after placed.
By: Patti
How it looked in picture seemed to turn out misleading thought it was taller when placed.
Its OK
By: reta
My sister found it somewhat helpful
the bed rails are everything we had hoped for. They really help.
By: Jean
My bed rails came in only three days. That way much faster than I thought.
My husband says "How did I ever get along with out it!"
By: saraje
My husband has a balance problem. Recently he fell backward and his back has been very painful so getting in and out of bed is very painful.
Very good for the price
By: Ethel
Very good for the price.
By: MB
using this handle which is very securely in place, one is able to sit up in bed. it also prevents sliding out by mistake
Just what we need!
By: RB
Just perfect for 93-year old mother who feel and crushed her shoulder so she can easily rise from bed using only her good arm.
It is the best one of three kinds we have tried, because it stands on its own.
By: chaz
If needed would order again.
We were not happy with this product and will have to look into a more stable one, perhaps one that reaches to the floor.
By: gramps
This product was not stable in standing position, and sifted to the side when pulled upon and caused my husband to fall while holding onto the rail. It also rocks a bit even pulling up from a ring down position.
Works very good
By: chaz
Easy to use and install
Promotes independence in assisted living
By: Jan
She liked it so much she asked for a second one for the other side of the twin bed.
By: Chris
It came promptly and as advertised
very nice
By: pilgrimk
My 82 yr. old mom was ill recently and she had a hard time getting in and out of bed, so I found these and ordered them. I am so glad I did! They were super easy to put together and install. Took only a few minutes. And they work GREAT!
Great help when getting out of bed.
By: RJ
Helps me to get out of bed on my own without the help of my wife.
Gives independence getting in and out of bed
By: Pat
My sister was unable to get to a sit up in order to get out of bed. This little miracle has given her the leverage she needed to pull herself up.
Product is just what was needed
By: Mary
The bed rail has been very helpful while getting in and out of the bed.
Everything it is advertised as it is!!
By: Lori
Keeps my husband from falling out of bed. And helps him get up
I really like this product because of the attached board which makes it easy to install. This item is also very sturdy
By: Debbie
I like this product because it comes assembled and very easy to install for my home health patients.
Freedom Grip Econ Bedrail
By: Virginia
My husband would not be able to sit up in bed without my help if he didn't have this item.
Does exactly what I needed...
By: blt2003
This has super easy installation, no tools required. Exactly what I was looking for with assisting my elderly mother.
Does exactly what I needed...
By: blt2003
This has super easy installation, no tools required. Exactly what I was looking for with assisting my elderly mother.
Worry-free safety bed rails
By: Jellybean
These bed rails were easy to install, and they stay installed without any adjustments needed.
Very Helpful
By: John
A Physical Therapist friend of mine suggested I get this product for my dad. It gives my dad the "freedom" to get out of bed on his own. He loves it.
very helpful
By: turkey
my husband haad falling in was in alot of back pain his therpist said to get one of these to help him out of bed took him ahwile to get the hang of it once he did it really help. He fell in the bedroom close to the bed and used this to get himself up. Very helpful.
very helpful for my elderly mother getting in and out of be , highly recomend this item
By: jean
my mother found this to be very helpful getting in and out of bed love it!!
My mom loves it!
By: sher
The first time I saw this type of product was in Walgreen. I looked up online and ordered it from Parentgiving. The price is definitely better. My mom is 89 years old and had some trouble getting in and out of bed. Since I got her this product, she feels safer getting in and out of bed using rail handle. She loves it.
Great product
I haven't seen this in action but purchased it for my mother in IA. She is happy with it because it seems to be stable enough for her to grab onto to assist in rising to a sitting position at the side of the bed.
By: Liz
I originally wanted to make this purchase in order to keep my 88 year old mom from falling out of bed, yet have her be able to come & go as she pleased. This bed rail fulfilled my needs perfectly, but as an added bonus, she is able to use the rail handle to help her (push/pull) to safely get in & out of bed. The design (with the solid base instead of metal rods) is the only one I could find that would work well with a bed that has a slat bottom, and it works perfectly. Thanks!!
works great, like intended
By: catfish
helped wife get out of bed
By: Michigan
This product eased my fears of my father getting in and out of bed.
Works well
By: swanke
just what we need
Great product!
By: dottyjo
My mom actually was the one to suggest she needed something to help her get out of bed, so I went online and found your product.
Great item, gives my husband the ability to move himself in and out of bed. It also gives him a sense of security.
By: Mrs Jeb
I was very impressed with the spped of delivery.
This has really been a big help for my mother.
By: Becky
I was looking for some type of small rail to keep my mother from falling out of bed. So far this has done the job without being in the way.
great quality bed rail
By: Sherry
great quality and easy to use

By: Mark B.
I want to thank you for your fast service. I ordered a Freedom Grip Economy Bed Rail on Sunday evening and it arrived on Wednesday. I think it took longer to get it out of the shipping box than it did to set it up. My wife is handicapped and she always worried she would hurt me when I tried to help her get out of bed. Now she does not worry and can get out of bed easily by herself. The bed rail has given my wife more confidence in getting out of bed.

The cost with free shipping was the best I found. Even though the bed rail is listed as an economy model, there is no lack of quality.
I was very satisfied , a great asset for my Mother
By: Tricia
I purchased the freedom grip bed rail for my Mother who has alzheimers and is 90 years old. It has really helped her getting in and out of bed, I also ordered the same one for my mother-in-law and she is very pleased as well.
the bed rail is all that I expected, the quilty is in the product, and simple installation, sturdy,and the free shipping was a selling point also.
By: tom
I will use this company again as needed.
Very good aid for my husband.
By: Ellie
Took my husband a little time to get the hang of it because he has very little muscle tone. Learning and getting easier.
Dad feels much safer and more independent .
My husband is very pleased with theFreedom Grip Economy Bed Rail. It gives him support to turn over in bed and to pull himself up.
By: AJ
This was an excellent choice to give my husband confidence in bed.
My mom loves it!
By: Judi
We bought this for my 91 year old mom who's been having trouble getting out of bed. Delivery was amazingly quick, the bed rail was easy to assemble and install. She loves having it-wish we would have done it sooner!
Excellent, wish we had bought sooner
By: daughter
Father was weak getting in and out of bed. We debated getting a hospital bed but that was "too much." Even w/memory issues, he immediately got used to using it and has given him more confidence, independence and SAFETY overnight.
Bed Rail
By: Belle
Great product to assist with getting up and down from bed, couch, chair, etc.
Exactly what I wanted
By: Charlie
I would fall out of bed once in a while and at 81 years old, was concerned that I could really break a bone or hurt myself....so these items have been just what I needed.
Does the Job
By: xxx
This product is just enough to give my mother the grip/support she needs when getting in and out of bed.
Exceptional! Helped patient right away get out of bed alone!
By: Peety
This bed rail was an immediate success with Gee. It helped Gee get out of bed alone for the first time in months.
Excellent Product
By: SD
Easy installation, put rails on both sides of bed even though Mom only gets out of one side- great help with assistance to her in moving body position in bed, and of course getting in and out of bed.
great product
By: #0
shipped on time. Sturdy. Effective. Works great. Increased my Daddy's independence
A huge help for my father with his independence
By: Kim
A HUGE help for my father with Parkinson's Disease.
Instant mobility
By: elissa
Excellent product. Instantly gave my mother new mobility in and out of her bed.
Hand rail is a Great product!
By: Abbie
We bought this for my mother in law who just went into assisted living.
This works great!
By: Mindy
I was falling out of bed almost every night. This stopped the first night. It was so nice to get a full nights sleep. I also really like how you can use it to pull yourself up in bed. This is well worth the money!
Freedom Grip Bedrail
By: Liz
It was easy to snap together. Helpful for getting up and out of bed as well as preventing falls out of bed.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: J Parrott
My husband is very happy with the bed rail. It makes getting out of bed much easier for him.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: sharon
Sturdy, extremely easy to install,perfect for our needs. Very speedy delivery.
Great company
By: caringwolfe
Received timely and fit our needs
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Barb
Great price--much better than we were able to get locally. Narrower than many, so not as conspicuous, which my parents like. My Dad said that it makes him feel so much safer both in bed and getting in and out. It also arrived in just a few days for free!
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Debbie Mc
My mother said it has helped her get up during the middle of the night and she does not have to waken our stepdad. Independance is such a gift! Shipment time during the Christmas season was awesome. Thank you for getting it to us so quickly without any charges!! We will be looking at your other items as we need them.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: D & D
Economical and useful product; great service from this company.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Susan
Exactly what I was looking for! Shipment was extremely timely.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Corinne Lerum
Very satisfied with product
Purchased for my sister
By: Sharon
The bed bar has been such a big help. My sister can now get out of bed in the middle of the night without having to wake someone up to help her. Worth every penny!
assist grip
By: Judy
I bought this for my mother who'd had a fall getting into bed. It's easy to install and my mother loves it - it gives her more confidence and stability getting into and out of bed.
Mom saw it online
By: David
ordered one day had the next day! Sturdy and simple to install. keep up the good work!
bed bar
By: Frank
Very nice for the price
Bed Bar
By: Amy
I purchased this for my father. It was easy to install and he loves it. He has a much easier time getting in and out of bed and it is sturdy.
Bed Bar
1. ordered one afternoon, arrived the next morning!! 2. was exactly as advertised and works as advertised 3. saved $20 over buying from local business
Bed Rail
By: Cole
I needed something that would prevent me from falling out of bed at night. I am a very active sleeper and the bed rail has kept from falling at least once since I installed 4 days ago. Works well!
bed rail
By: Carl's Family
Very good.Dad likes it. As described. Good customer service.
Bed Rail is Great!
By: Jan L.
This is exactly what we wanted and expected. It is reasonably priced, arrived quickly and was easy to install. Now my husband is no longer in danger of falling out of bed and it also assists him in getting up. Perfect solution!
Just what we needed
By: Ann
We were looking for something inexpensive to help my husband get out of bed and to keep him from falling out of bed. This is perfect.
Freedom Grip Economy Bedrail
By: Raymond A. Troilo
5 Stars! Exactly what I was looking for--great value outstanding service on delivery.
Freedom Grip Economy Bedrail
By: Priscilla Knowles
This was our first choice for a bed rail. The price was excellent. It fits perfectly with the platform bed. The board is small & sturdy. We will take it with us when we travel. So happy with "Parent Giving" products.
bed rail
By: children
I like it very much
Freedom Grip Economy Bed Rail
By: Dorothy
This is a great product. I am now able to sleep through the night without concern that my husband will roll out of bed. Easy to install and easy to use.
Freedom Grip Economy Bed Rail
Excellent concept and works very well. Easy to use and helps a great deal with stability.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Eugenia
This was perfect for my husband to keep him from sliding to the floor.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Susan M
This was literally a lifesaver for my husband, has enabled him to get in and out of bed independently, and given me the peace of mind to get a good night's sleep. It is well made, sturdy, easy to install, and the price was excellent. Thank you.
Freedon Gripbed Rail
By: Velma
Was the perfect solution for assissting in and out of bed. And the price was great too!!
all-round excellent
By: Elaine F.
Not just a sturdy, economical and useful product; great service from this company.
Freedom GripBed Rail
By: msg
Excellent product. It has made getting in to bed so much easier. Gives the support you need
Freedom Grip Economy Bed Rail
By: Kathleen
My Mom and I are travelling this week in hotels and this bed rail is excellent--easy to install, no tools necessary and strong enough to give her confidence to lift herself up off the bed. Thank you.
Freedom grip economy Bed Rail
By: Diane Boyton
Very easy to istall ,no tools needed , sturdy. Great helping hand to have.
Freedom Grip Economy Bed Rail
By: Patti
Great product! Opened the box and had it installed in 2 minutes. Makes it easier for my husband to get in and out of bed. Makes it easier for my husband to get in and out of bed.
Freedom Grip bed rail
By: mtv
This item arrived so quickly and wa a snap to install. It has been helping mom sit up in bed, and hopeflly will keep her from another fall out of the bed. Great proce as well.
Freedom grip economy bed rail.
Great price and a solid product. My mom loves it!
Freedom Grip Economy Bed Rail
By: Mary Ann
Best price around. Very useful to my father who was having trouble getting in and out of bed from his wheelchair. Two pieces slip together and installs in seconds. The handle wobbles slightly but does not compromise it's sturdiness. My father is 6"1"
Freedom Grip bed rail
By: Eileen
This product is a life safer. Makes it easier for my husband to get in and out of bed. Less chance of him falling.
Freedom Grip bed rail
Very functional and easy to use.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Judy L
This product works as advertised and is well worth the money. It helps my mother position herself in bed at night as well as get out of bed in the morning. Highly recommended
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
Great product! Mom is 93 and was wetting the bed most nights before she could manage to get up. Since we bought the bed rail, she almost never wets the bed. Mom loves it
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Caren L.
Bought two one for each parent, they're 84 and had trouble getting out of bed. Problem solved. Oh happy day!. They work better than expected. Caren
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Elizabeth
I hear my name called less often now that my 91 year old mom is able to sit up and get out of bed on her own. I liked the ease of installation, and quick delivery time. She didn't want a hospital bed...this was the perfect answer that enabled her to keep her own bed and still maintain a bit of her independence.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Carol
Great product. Much better than another one I purchased several years ago. This one is so easy to install as you just slide it between the mattress and boxspring. I didn't even have to do any lifting. Mom likes it better too as it is smaller. Only "problem" is what to do with the bedspread. Wouldn't be as much of a problem with a quilt or blanket. Item delivered very quickly too.
Great Buy!
By: Mary Beth
Just purchased this for my mom. Got it in one day which was awesome. My mom loves it. It's the perfect size. It does not make her bed look like a hospital bed. It's making sitting up and getting out of bed so much easier. It's very sturdy and a good price too.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: Joanna
This is perfect for my 83 year old father, now he doesn't need help getting in an out of bed. It's well made too!
Bed Rail
By: Kathie
I ordered the bed rail for my mother and it has helped her to be more independent getting in and out of bed herself. It also is portable and I can take it to my home when she comes to stay with me. I wish I hadn't waited so long to get it.
Freedom Grip Bed Rail
By: A. Douglas
This product is excellent and we are very pleased with it.
Bed Railing Grip
By: Joe Hanley - Walton, NY
Very good purchase. I needed something to assist my dad getting in and out of bed and this is working well. He has a king-size bed and this is a little shorter than I had imagined, howeve, for him it is ideally located and he finds it easy to use.
Freedon Grip Bed Rail
By: Jane Janes
This has been a god sent item. Mom is 94 and needed something to grip to help her pull herself up to a sitting position, so she could get out of bed. Smaller size was just perfect. Great value. Fast delivery!
Freedon Grip Bed Rail
By: Brenda
My Mom has fallen out of bed a couple of times. The rail has helped considerably, she now has something to support her when she is getting out of bed and the rail helps during the night if she moves too close to the edge of the bed. The rail is very sturdy and easy to put into place. The produce also came within 18 hours after I purchased on line.
Freedom Grip Economy Bed Railing
By: Joyce Velehradsky
excellent product - we are very happy
Freedom Grip
My father loved it. Great value!
By: Leslie
My mother was so thrill that she can now get into bed and get out without struggling. The size is just right not to interfere with making the bed, and this has made the difference of my Mom sleeping in bed opposed to sleeping in a chair. Thank you for such a great product and speedy shipping.
freedom grip economy bed railing
By: Chris
excellent help in assisting out of and into bed. very easy to install, good value for the price. this company was very helpful and nice to deal with, I would buy from them again.