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Wow, when you said fast shipping you weren't kidding. Kudos to the shipping department. We ordered on Monday evening and it was delivered in perfect condition Wednesday morning. Thank you for a job well done.
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SANI BAG Commode Liners
Liners for commodes by Sani Bag+. One-size fits all. Fully disposable and biodegradable. (Pack of 10)
With these commode liners by SANI BAG+ you will never have to clean a commode again. This liner fits any standard sized commode pail, contains gelling agent, decaying catalyst & odor neutralizer. Each liner is good for 3 to 5 uses. To dispose, remove liner, tie with the built in handles and toss in trash. This product no longer has an adhesive sealing strip. Biodegradable and landfill approved. Bag dimensions: 18" x 18" circle.
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SANI BAG Commode Liners
By: caregiver
Love this product. Easy to use, keeps smells down and is environmentally safe. When I use this product I empty the contents when done in the toilet and discard the bag. It is great and saves having to clean the commode each time with bleach, soap, and water. Definitely worth it !
Sani-Bag Commode Liners
By: Chuck
Awesome product!
Re: sani bag commode liners
By: bjw
a little diappointing. Din not hold as much waste as i had antipated. Also gel does not really solidify, and makes the garbage pail really foul smelling. Unless you have a garbage chute, its very uncomfortable smelling in the garbage.
Comode Liners very helpful. Handy and easy to use.
By: Pat
My family and I were not aware of this product, so when I came across it while looking for adult diapers, we were all very happy.
Best commode product
By: SFswede
Hospital discharge should recommend this product!
It's great
By: Ro
I live off grid most of the time so these are great for me!
Easy to us no odor
By: Grace
Glad I found this product. Care takers like no fuss
I will be re-ordering
By: R
I would prefer a bag that fits regular toilet shape better
Very useful
By: Jackie
easy set-up; easy clean-up;
By: Maggie
I don't know who could make it without sanibags They are at the heart of commode survival.
Sani Bag Commode Liners
By: Robert T.
Very easy to use, don't have to wash the commode, just dispose it after 5 uses, no mess and no odor. If the price is a little lower, that will be more affordable for a lot of people.
Makes caregiving much easier. Convenient.
Sani Bag Commode Liner
By: Gerry
Our son bought two kinds of commode liner for us to try. I told him that we liked the sani bag commode liner better. The cat litter type of grainy sand in the liner took care of urine with no mess and no smell. We liked it so much that I went online and bought two more packs.