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it is not easy to take care of a parent—any and every thing is potentially stressful. I searched days for this chair and found your price to be the most competitive. This savings, coupled with the prompt service, is invaluable to me.
- J.D. 

The order got here so quickly! We’ll be back for further items and advice. A stupendous find
- E.P., Elkhart, IN 
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SafetySure Pivot Disc
Aids in transfers between the bed, wheelchair or toilet. Reduces caregiver back strain. (13,15 or 18 inch diameter).
Transfer Pivot Disc (13", 15" or 18" inch diameter). Designed for assisted or unassisted transfers by individuals with limited or no ability to pivot. Individuals with upper body strength can use the Pivot Disc to accomplish independent transfers. Great caregiver assistance tool. Aids in transfers between the bed, wheelchair or toilet. Makes transfers easier and reducing caregiver back strain. 3 sizes. Selection of disc size should be based on patient foot size, stance for stability and foot placement control. 400 lb weight capacity.

Placement of the Pivot Disc

The SST Pivot Disc is placed on the floor with the label facing downwards. The individual's feet are positioned completely on the disc to facilitate a smooth transfer and reduce back strain on both the individual and caregiver. The handle of the Pivot Disc should be place facing the individual to prevent interfering with the caregivers feet. The caregiver should place one foot on the Pivot Disc to safely monitor and control the transfer. After using the Pivot Disc, it should be immediately removed from the floor.

Advantages of the SST Pivot Disc

Because of the lightweight and convenient grip handle, the SST Pivot Disc is easy to use and carry. The Pivot Disc is made of high quality polymer plates for ease of motion. The Pivot Disc is also equiped with anti-glide tapes on both sides to prevent slipping on the floor or when the individual is standing on the Pivot Disc.

Option Name Price Sale Price Availability
13" Diameter $69.99 in stock
15" Diameter $79.99 in stock
18" Diameter $99.99 in stock
*Prices (including sales) and availability can change at any time.
By: Debbie
works great to transfer those unable to move lower limbs
A God Send !!!
By: Sha
Mom can't move her feet. It was very difficult to transfer from chair to wheelchair. Now with this disc, transfering is so much easier. I Love It!!!
A helpful device
By: Sue
The SafetySure Pivot Disk is a help in transferring someone whose can't really take steps yet. Using a gait belt in conjunction with the SSP disk is quite helpful.
Good idea and product, but didn't work for us.
By: rp
The safetysure pivot disc is a well-made product that didn't work for our purposes.
This is the second one
By: RM
A back saver
By: steve
good product
Did not like it at all. It did not turn good at all.
By: Ernie
did not like it cause I did not think it works well at all. After person gets on it does not turn smooth. It jert to much.
Product works great!
By: Kayla
I work with those with physical and mental disabilities where the staff are doing a lot of transfers. This product is helpful in transferring for both client and staff.
I haven't used the product yet but sure it will work out wonderful
By: hahn
Pivot boards work well for clients who have a hard time moving their feet during transfer.
Great Product
By: Beth
I am a physical therapist and this has been working great for a family that I work with.
By: Todd
Over all a good product
Extremely helpful in transferring wheelchair bound from bed to chair
By: Nancy
For me, allowed me to independently transfer my mother, who could bear weight, but not stand without assistance, from her bed to her wheelchair or bedside commode.
Great product, thin making it easy to step on, and sturdy
By: cheri
My husband freezes in mid stride. This also helps with that as he has a target, and because it is so thin, it is no problem for him to step on. It is sturdy, and glides with just the right amount of tension for safety. I also like the handle which makes it easy to pick up and carry around.
SafetySure Pivot Disc
Excellent product that is very easy and safe to use.
Safety Sure Pivot Disc
By: Elvin Capestany
I am on the fence about the safety sure pivot disc. My experience with this item; is, little to no control keeping it from pivoting prior to getting my mom on it.
safety sure pivot disc
It is great and works well