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My order was at home when I got home last night. Great Service.
- Lorraine, Germantown , MD. 

Wow, when you said fast shipping you weren't kidding. Kudos to the shipping department. We ordered on Monday evening and it was delivered in perfect condition Wednesday morning. Thank you for a job well done.
- M. Griffith 
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Excellent product
By: kitty
My balance and walking is much better. I walk with a little more confidence.
Feel more secure when walking or standing
By: Secure
Great product. When standing it helps my balance and if walking I have better control and feel more secure.
By: Texas
Would rate excellent if it stood up better on carpet. Excellent for tile or wood floors. Very handy.
Great addition to my cane!
By: Kathe
Having this tripod base on my cane means that it will stand independently and not need to be steadied somewhere when I am not in need of the cane.
Anle Tripod Cane Base
By: Ange
I found this very practical. During therapy I always had to lay the cane on the floor besdide me or lean it against something. The tripod permits me to stand it next to me and have it ready for me to move on.
Able Tripod Cane Base
By: joe b
My mother in law was very restricted in using her cane. This has opened up so many additional possibilities for her.
Able Tripod Cane Base
By: Stroke survivor care giver
Bought this for my husband, a stroke survivor, who just graduated to a single point cane from a hemi walker. He liked the single point cane but didn't know what to do with it when he sat down or stood up. This solves his problem and makes it easier for him to use the cane.
Able Tripod Cane Base
By: Gerald Thatcher
Very pleased with this product. I had a big problem with my cane falling over when I leaned it against anything. This solves the problem. I saw it advertised for more than double the price at Parentgiving.
Bought two - will buy more
By: Fanny from Omaha
It is such a relief not to have to keep bending over to pick up my cane from the floor. This holds my cane in the vertical position. Another plus - this may work better than some claw feet canes which don't fit well on some narrow steps.
Able Tripod cane bas
By: Happy camper
Bought this product as a gift for my friend. I use two of them myself.
Able TRIPOD cane base
By: Tina
I love my cane now the able tripod cane base gave me more freedom now while in the store i don't need to balance my cane and try to get wallet out of my purse. walking is more pleasant i don't have the fear i am going to fall i will recommend the Able TRIPOD cane base to my family and friends.Now i will enjoy my life more and not stay home from the fear of falling and being embarrassed because my cane keeps falling.thank you so much for the product and i was very happy with the service i ordered on a saturday night i got my order monday afternoon i was surprised on how fast i got my order
Tripod foot for a cane
By: Denna Williams
I feel very secure with my cane now
Able TRIPOD Cane Base
Cane base easy to attach and allows cane to stand.