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Pride Mobility Accessories

FreeshipPride Accessories include items that work great with Pride Lift Chairs and Scooters. These items range from baskets, saddle bags, protective pads and many more for all your Pride Mobility needs.



Pride Rear Basket Assembly for Jazzy Power Seat w/ Comfort Seat

PG#: 000036vACCASMB2537     By: Pride Mobility

Rear Basket Assembly with Mounting Bracket for Jazzy Power Chairs with the Comfort Seat.



    Pride Go-Go Scooter Cup Holder

    PG#: 000036vACCASMB2288     By: Pride Mobility

    Pride Go-Go Scooter Cup Holder



      Pride Mobility Additional Front Basket (Model Specific)

      PG#: 000036vFRMASMB13758     By: Pride Mobility

      Front basket for Model Specific Pride Scooters



        Pride Mobility Saddle Bag

        PG#: 000036vDWR1020D010     By: Pride Mobility

        This saddle bag is 12.5" x 9.875" and can be mounted on either the right or left arm of your Pride scooter.



          Rear Basket for Pride Scooters

          PG#: 000036vACCBSKT1010     By: Pride Mobility

          Rear basket 1010 can be used on most Pride scooters to store items on any trip.



            Pride Go-Go Scooter Weather Cover (Micro)

            PG#: 000036vACCCOVR1020     By: Pride Mobility

            Pride’s Micro Go-Go Scooter Weather Cover protects your scooter from the elements while being transported by a vehicle lift, or if your scooter is parked outdoors.



              Rear Mount Cane Holder 2"

              PG#: 000036vACCINDV1060     By: Pride Mobility

              This sturdy metal Cane holder mounts behind the seat to the accessory bracket for pride scooters



                Pride Oxygen Tank Holder

                PG#: 000036vACCASMB1017     By: Pride Mobility

                Pride mobility oxygen tank holder fits on back of pride scooters for travel convenience



                  Pride Mobility Large Scooter Weather Cover

                  PG#: 000036vACCCOVR1018     By: Pride Mobility

                  Large scooter cover dimensions 84"L X 49"H keeps larger pride scooters clean and dry.

                  • Size: Large



                  Pride Mobility Protective Pad

                  PG#: 000036vACCASMB2514     By: Pride Mobility

                  Protective Pad Protects your chair from spills and incontinence. The surface is a sand colored microsuede and the bottom has a vinyl backing to prevent it from slipping.



                    Pride Mobility Lithium Battery Charger

                    PG#: 000036vELE150030

                    The lithium battery pack charger fits with the go go folding scooter. Lithium has a longer battery life then acid batteries helping make your scooter work longer.

                      was $211.10


                      Pride Mobility Lithium Battery Pack

                      PG#: 000036vBAT150066

                      Pride Mobility lithium battery pack provides longer life between charges and more compact.

                        was $511.10


                        Pride Mobility 17 AMP Battery Box

                        PG#: 000036vBATASMB1045

                        You can use this battery pack as a replacement for a missing or damaged battery box, or you can use this as a pre-charged backup power source.



                          Pride Safety Flag

                          PG#: 000036vACCFLAG1000     By: Pride Mobility