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Parentgiving Picks
High Absorbency Adult Diapers
When heavy protection is the top goal, these top five choices answer the call
Most Absorbent diapers are a popular request of our customers, both individuals buying for themselves and professionals and family caretakers, in particular, looking for overnight protection. As with all incontinence products, the best solution is the right combination of fit, materials, and application. These picks ramp it up on fill material lots of it to make the fit bigger and bulkier with the most urine absorption capacity.
  • Starting at
  • $19.99
  • Tranquility Premium Overnight Diaper
  • 4.5 out of 5

  • These latex free disposable pull-on diapers hold over a quart of liquid for uninterrupted sleep and maximum protection. Tearaway side seams allow for easy removal while Kufguards offer leakage protection.
  • Starting at
  • $56.99
  • Molicare Super Plus Overnight
  • 4.7 out of 5

  • A high-tech, 3-part absorbent core for added dryness and neutralizing odor. Padded panels and stretch polymer maximize comfort while anti-leak cuffs improve containment.
  • Starting at
  • $79.99
  • Abena Level 4 Abri-Form Briefs
  • 4.3 out of 5

  • Designed to offer up to four times the absorbency of a typical store brand. Features include wetness indicator, refastenable tabs, elastic waistband, odor guard and unsurpassed quality construction.
  • Starting at
  • $13.99
  • Tranquilty ATN (All Throught The Night)
  • 4.4 out of 5

  • Latex-free disposables that hold over a quart of water for maximum protection withough compromising skin safety. The peach mat absorbent core guarantees skin dryness, odor control and PH neutralization.
  • Starting at
  • $29.99
  • Unique Wellness Briefs
  • 4.4 out of 5

  • Absorbs up to 87 ounces of liquid and pulls it away from the skin to protect agains skin irritation and infection. This disposable brief is odor-free and latex-free and has a built in wetness indicator.