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Phone Amplifiers

FreeshipTelephone amplifiers make sounds both louder and clearer.

Clarity HA-40 In Line Phone Amplifier

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-HA-40     By: Clarity

This in-line receiver amplifier turns on automatically when you lift the handset and increases incoming call volume up to 100 times.



was $44.99


Clarity-SR-100 Super Phone Ringer

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-SR-100     By: Clarity

This super phone ringer amplifies the ring volume to 95db.



Clarity SR-200 Super Phone Ringer

PG#: 00008vCLARITY-SR-200     By: Clarity

For seniors or individuals with hearing loss, this super loud ringer will never let you miss a call!



Fanstel Caller ID Base With Large Backlit Screen

PG#: 00008vFAN-G99M     By: Fans-Tel

Receives and displays name, number, and calling time. Easy installs on all standard home telphones.



Sonic Alert Sonic Ring Jr. Telephone Signaler

PG#: 00008vSA-TR50     By: Sonic Alert

Never miss an important call with Sonic Alert Sonic Ring Jr. telephone signaler.



V-Tech Careline Home Safety Telephone System

PG#: 00008vVT-SN6187     By: Vtech Eris

This telephone system features, Full Duplex Handset speakerphone, Full Duplex Pendant speakerphone, Digital Reminder System, and much more!